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Iran urges supporters of Terrorists in Syria to fix Strategic Mistakes

Syria, Damascus countryside

Sergey Lavrov: Russia concerned about Syria’s Integrity.

While the new interview by the Washington Post with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is very interesting and Lavrov states some reasons why Moscow seems to support Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran has called on all supports of the terrorist groups and extremists in Syria to correct their strategic mistakes and to stop the backing of armed thugs and Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country.

Ali Larijani, the spokesman of the Shura Council in Tehran, has urged all regional and international sides, which still support the terrorists and extremists in Syria, to correct this strategic mistake and to stop the support of armed extremist groups and jihadists in Syria, because the backing of such gunmen and religious fanatics threatens the security and stability of the entire Middle Eastern region

The spokesperson of Iran’s Shura Council, Ali Larijani, and the Syrian envoy to Iran, Adnan Mahmoud met in Tehran yesterday in order to discuss regional and international developments, but also the conflict in Syria and the upcoming resolution at the UN Security Council. Of course, both officials from Iran and Syria also spoke about the United States, Russia and some Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are among the supporters of the terrorist groups on Syrian soil.

During the meeting, the Syrian Ambassador to Tehran but also the Iranian Speaker of the Shura Council have underlined that the continued support of terrorist groups and extremists in Syria by abroad threatens the security and stability of the Middle East and that the supporters and backers of the armed terrorist groups in Syria have to stop the backing of these extremists and to correct their strategic mistakes.

Ali Larijani added during the meeting with the Ambassador from Syria that it is important to “utterly turn the page of threats of launching an aggression and war by the United States and the West against Syria.” He further said that all regional and international sides have to exert their efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian conflict and to support Syria, so that the Arab country is able to restore security and stability for its population and to improve the living conditions while the lowering of the danger for the Syrian people.

The Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council Ali Larijani also repeated the support by Tehran for the Syrian nation and in the different political and economic fields in order to improve the living conditions of the Syrian people again and to restore the security. Larijani added that Iran supports the Syrian people and a political solution to the conflict in Syria by a comprehensive national dialogue between all sides without any preconditions and with the important assertion that the “Syrians should decide their own future without any external interference.” Ali Larijani then praised the national unity of the Syrian nation in facing terrorism to preserve their country’s sovereignty and independence.

Of course, the Iranian official also mentioned the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv during his meeting with the Syrian envoy to Tehran. Larijani said in terms of the Israeli regime that the main threat to the Middle East lies in the ongoing occupation of Arab territories by the Zionist entity (Israel), besides the many nuclear and chemical weapons in Israel, which represent a huge threat to the entire region.

The Syrian envoy to Iran said meanwhile that Damascus appreciates the support for Syria and the Syrian people by the Iranian administration and the Iranian people and especially the stance of the Iranian Shura Council, whose members try to do everything to defend Syria in the face of any aggression that is targeting it. Dr. Adnan Mahmoud added that the close links and connections between the axis of resistance (against the regime in Israel) in the Middle East are reflected by the principled positions of Tehran towards Damascus and that these close links are able to thwart all machinations by the enemies to fragment and divide the Arab states and people.

As mentioned, there is also an interesting new interview with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the Syrian conflict and the support by Moscow for Damascus. Sergey Lavrov said in this interview with the Washington Post, for example, that Moscow is rather concerned with Syria’s integrity than with supporting the government and president of Syria in Damascus.

Damascus, Syria
Damascus, Syria

Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov underlined again that the support by Moscow for the Arab country is not about a single person in Syria and that Russia is not concerned with any personality in the Arab country. Sergey Lavrov further explained that Moscow is concerned with the integrity of Syria and “with keeping Syria in one piece, territorially integral, sovereign, independent and secular, where the rights of all groups, ethnic and others, are fully respected.”

According to the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, this is the main goal behind the support by Moscow for the Arab country. He added that he believes that the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama has the same goal and that the more all sides try to find common approaches to reach this goal, the more efficient will be the cooperation between all sides.

In terms of the threats by the armed terrorists and religious fanatics in Syria for Russia, the Foreign Minister said that the “jihadists come from many European countries, Russia included, and some even from the United States; hundreds of them – if you take Europe, Russia and the US – are fighting in the ranks of extremist groups.”

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