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Iran offers talks, Israeli regime boosts uranium enrichment-propaganda

box of a radiation / propaganda detection set

Israeli regime claims Iran is expanding its uranium enrichment.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who feels himself haunted most of the time, claimed in new statement that Iran would have increased, and thus, expanded its enrichment of uranium and further stated that the Iranian administration is still expanding the uranium enrichment although the new President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hassan Rouhani (Hassan Rohani), the successor of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has already called for negotiations and talks about Iran’s nuclear energy program for a civilian use and not for Netanyahu’s imaginary bombs.

However, such calls for talks by Iranian officials are wilfully overlooked by Israeli officials and officials from the United States, because it is not really just about the enrichment of uranium in Iran. These sides in Israel and some parts of officials from Washington want something else – for example, a war against Iran at any cost in order to finally be able to implement the complete plan for a new Middle East and this is just possible in a case in which Iran is weakened as much as possible.

Of course, such propaganda as the continuous anti-Iran propaganda in terms of its enrichment of uranium for nuclear power  is successfully working in the Western minds due to the situation that many Western civilians still remember the horrible incident of Chernobyl or the events around other nuclear plants such as in Japan even when Iran is using the current state of developments in the nuclear sector for the civilian use in the country and has very often explained already that it does not intend to build an atom bomb.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not care what the new Iranian President Hassan Rohani (Rouhani) says, as he did not care what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, despite a case when he or the Israeli and American propaganda machinery has been able to falsify statements by Iranian leaders in order to boost the propaganda against Iran and to increase the implemented fears of the Western people in terms of the “crazy Iran”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a Zionist congressional delegation, headed US Representative James Sensenbrenner, that he “knows that some place their hopes” on the new President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, and that “he called for more talks” and “while everybody is busy talking to him… the centrifuges will keep on spinning.”

While the Zionist and pro-Israeli congressional delegation, headed by US Representative James Sensenbrenner, is a good recipient for such propaganda statements by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (some call him Nero-tanyahu for reasons), the Israeli Prime Minister means by this statement, that talks are just used in order to buy time and also that Iran is also expanding its enrichment of uranium under the new President of the Republic has no real interests to find solutions by talks.

Such propaganda by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is nothing new. The sad thing is only (and still), that many Western media agencies and the usual Zionist propaganda machinery are able to implement and increase the fear of Western civilians in terms of Iran. However, hopefully these dangerous attempts and Zionist sides are not able to convince the majority of Western people to support a war of aggression against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

box of a radiation / propaganda detection set
box of a radiation / propaganda detection set

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while the Israeli regime extends the illegal settlements in the occupied regions, has also yet again called for an increase of the pressure against Iran and underscored that such pressure is the only thing that could deter the Iranian administration from their “work and quest towards the achievement of atomic weapons.” However, everybody who remembers the last appearance of Benjamin Netanyahu with his self-drawn atomic bomb at the United Nations (UN) probably does not know whether he should cry or laugh when faced with such statements by the member of the Israeli regime, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hassan Rohani (Rouhani), who took the office as new President of Iran on August 4, said already that the Islamic Republic of Iran is “closely monitoring all measures taken by Washington” and that Iran will “respond properly to the practical and constructive moves” by the U.S. administration in Washington. The new Iranian President Rouhani further called on the Obama administration in Washington to hear “the Iranian nation’s message” and stated that in case Iran recognizes that Washington is finally serious in its attempts to resolve the problems, then also Iran will be serious.

The new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Rohani) also said that Iran is ready to talk with any country about the enrichment of uranium and the present problems in some Western governments about this. Iran’s President said that Iran will speak with “any country within the framework of the Islamic Republic’s national interests.”

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