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infighting and revenge killings spirals fsa into further chaos

RT has interviewed Editor of the Syrian Tribune Dr. Mohammad, who was asked about the increasing fighting and division between Armed militant groups, as the so-called Syrian Opposition spirals deeper into chaos and failure.

Dr Mohammed cited the main reasons for the fighting and division among the groups, was no common ground, where each armed group has its own goals and ideals leading to disagreements that erupt into violent clashes, which sometimes tens of Terrorists are killed in.

Dr. Mohammed, said the Syrian Opposition was formed at the request of Hillary Clinton, so naturally they have no choice but to follow the orders of their supporters and financiers, which they are finding difficult to fulfil currently due to the chaos saying it was a “Big mess”, but yet the West wants this mess ruling the Country, referring to the US and other Nations Support and funding of the Syrian Opposition and their fighters, as well as their official recognition of the Opposition as official representatives of the Syrian People.

Russia recently labeled the Syrian Opposition as too “fragmented”, and concluded they were therefore incapable of holding peace talks in the current state they are in, as this is now visibly obvious throughout their ranks.

The Editor dismissed as “funny”, the Syrian Opposition’s theory that once President Al-Assad steps down, “everything will become miraculously calm and organised and they will be able to control the gangs”, as he reiterated, these Militants are “Princes of War”, and not “revolutionists”, adding that they therefore have no realistic ideals, as most are uneducated and will be impossible to control by the Syrian opposition, with only the Syrian Army capable of such a mission, referring to the US recently listing “Al-Nusra Front” as a Terrorist organization, in their own attempt of alienating themselves from these same dangerous extremist groups, that the Opposition claims to be able to control ‘If” President Al-Assad steps down…JA

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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