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in strange paradox kerry expresses desire to back armed groups in syria and to speed up political process

Feb 28, 2013

PARIS,(SANA)- In a strange paradox, US Secretary of State, John Kerry on Thursday expressed Washington’s desire to find means to speed up the political process which aims at ending the crisis in Syria, and its desire to help and back the armed terrorist groups in the country.

During a press conference with his French counterpart in Paris , Kerry said “The Syrian opposition is in need for more aids to reach areas inside Syria”, yet he didn’t specify the type of aid his country wants to provide after he said in London that Washington seeks to exert pressure on the Syrian Government to change what he called” its calculations on the ground”.

Kerry claimed that “Washington wants to provide consultation to the Syrian opposition on ways of stepping up a political dialogue that would be the best way of stopping the bloodshed and of protecting the interests of the Syrians.” 

At the same time, American media sources said that the USA is planning to send military vehicles and armors to the armed groups in Syria and to provide the military training to them.

He added that this requires changing what he called “the current calculations of President Bashar al-Assad”, adding “We are in need for convincing him of this, and I think that the opposition is in need for more help to be able to achieve this issue.”

Kerry neglected any stance that helps the political dialogue, and he only promised to back the armed groups in a way that encourages them to continue their criminal acts of killing, terrifying the innocent citizens, and destroying the governmental institutions.

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