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Idlib: Explosion in a Weapons Shop Kills One Person and Injures Another

Idlib explosion in weapons shop kills one person

Idlib City: An explosion in a weapons shop in a busy market in the city killed one person and injured another and the shop was completely destroyed, today, Monday 18 January 2021.

Local sources said the explosion was in a weapons shop in the Al Jalaa Market in the center of the city and not far from Al Orouba High school. Al Jalaa Market is the busiest market in the occupied city of Idlib.

Terrorists who run the occupied Idlib province under Turkish army supervision and support allowed weapons shops to open and issued licenses to warlords to sell weapons in their shops, some of these weapons are missiles where the shop owner displays the spent part of the missile as a sign that he’s selling heavy weapons!

Despite continuous complaints from the citizens against the warlords’ weapon shops, the Turkish-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists running the occupied province refuse to close the shops or even move them to outside the residential areas and crowded markets.

On 27 August 2018, a huge explosion in a weapons depot killed 60 civilians in the city after which the occupation forces of the Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front and HTS) issued licenses to the warlords to sell weapons as if it’s imposing some control over this deadly business.

Why would there be weapons shops in the beginning and who are their customers and against who they use these heavy weapons, explosions, and machine guns? Only the Turkish madman Erdogan and his fanatic generals can answer such a question.

Tens of thousands of heavily armed and military-trained Al Qaeda terrorists supported by NATO member state Turkey stormed Idlib province in 2012 and occupied most of its countryside where the Turkish madman Erdogan plans to create another ‘North Cyprus’ statelet in the occupied Syrian province while parroting his commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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