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Hezbollah Has Many Possibilities When it Comes to Responding


Former Israeli navy chief Vice Admiral Eliezer Marom said that Hezbollah has settled the account with the Zionist entity, noting that the resistance” feels that the score is tied”.

In remarks published by Israeli daily Jerusalem Post on Thursday, the Israeli V.-Adm noted that the “an alleged air strike on a Hezbollah convoy ferrying advanced weapons from Syria to Lebanon, touched off a series of attempts by Hezbollah to ‘settle scores’ with Israel.”

ex navy chief marom
ex navy chief marom

Hezbollah seems to have signaled that it has accomplished its goal with the latest attack, which wounded four members of an army patrol on the Golan border on March 18, JP quoted Marom as saying.

“Five of the alleged air strikes were reportedly on Syrian territory, and the weapons that were attacked were in the possession of the Syrian army. The latest attack on a weapons transit, if Israel carried it out, targeted arms in Hezbollah’s possession. This changes things.”

For Syrian President Bashar Assad, he “has no interest in confronting us, he is busy with the rebels. With Hezbollah, it’s a different story. This is a terrorist organization that cannot allow itself to not respond to strikes on it. Its justification for its existence is resistance to Israel. Also, Hezbollah is Iran,” Marom explained.

If Israel was indeed behind the air strikes, those who ordered it would likely have assumed that a direct strike on Hezbollah is different from previous air strikes in Syria, Marom added.

“Hezbollah has many possibilities when it comes to responding. They have the Syrian border, the Lebanese border, and the option of attacks abroad. Now, after three border attacks, Hezbollah feels that the score is tied. From their perspective, they settled accounts,” he said.

The Israeli Vice Admiral also stressed that the Zionist entity must disrupt Hezbollah attempts to move arms into Lebanon.

“Israel must disrupt such attempts, whatever the consequences. Israel must be determined enough to act if necessary. It’s unacceptable for Hezbollah to possess antiship and anti-aircraft missiles,” he said.

“If a confrontation with terror organizations erupts, they must have fewer quality weapons,” Marom added, referring to Hezbollah.

Hezbollah’s arsenal of 100,000 projectiles is an attempt by Iran and Syria to produce a “balance of terror” with Israel and target its soft underbelly – the civilian home front, he continued.

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