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Grand Mufti: Syria will Overcome the Crisis and the Army is Responsible for Protecting the Homeland

Mar 11, 2013

DAMASCUS ,(SANA)- Syria’s Grand Mufti, Ahmad Badr Eddin Hassoun stressed that Syria is today threatened by the most advanced countries and by some of the regional countries as it constitutes a brilliant example of the civilized nation.

Hassoun’s remarks came during an interview with the Syrian T.V on Sunday.

Syria will overcome the crisis to be a cradle of amity, diversity and charity….The attack against it targets its religious history and its national identity, Hassoun said.
Syria has embraced all the heavenly messages in the world rejecting all types of the sectarian sedition…Syria will not be subjected and its people and army are responsible for protecting it, the Mufti added.

He went on saying “Syrian Army not only protects the homeland, but it also defends the Arab and Islamic nations and it doesn’t belong to a person, party or a sect as it is promoted by some misleading media which participate in the bloodshed in Syria.”

Hassoun called upon the army to shoulder its responsibility in protecting the homeland and its history and future, urging the Syrians to join the ranks of the army to defend Syria in the face of the global conspiracy hatched against it.

Hassoun Stresses Youths’ Important Role to Build Civil Syria
In the context, meeting the volunteers who joined a social workshop held by National Union for Syria Students, Hassoun affirmed the important role of youths in building civil Syria away from using religion for political purposes.

He called on youths to be “the fence that protect homeland along with the army to preserve Syria sovereignty.”

“Today we are fighting on many fronts against our cousins who betrayed us and went to sit with the French, British and US, asking them weapons to destroy and divide Syria,” The Mufti said.

He added that targeting Syria, the land of heavenly religions, is a target against the Arab and Islamic nations.

Chairman of the National work and forums at the Union Omar al-Aroub said the aim of the workshop is to train the volunteers on skills which are related to the administration of conflicts, negotiation and the psychological support.

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