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German Parliament Delegation in Damascus, Don’t Bet Much On It!

German AFD Parliament Members visit Syria to return refugees

A representative of the German right-wing party AFD, Frank Pasemann, has come to discuss on Wednesday with a committee from the Syrian Parliament on several topics:

  • The end of Sanctions on Syria.
  • The collaboration with Russia, instead of with NATO, on the building of the security zone in northern Syria.
  • The re-immigration of Syrian Refugees in Germany to Syria.
  • Recognition of the Assad government as the legitimate government of Syria, as since 2012, EU has recognized the Syrian Opposition (often referred to as NATO terrorists) as the legitimate representative of Syria.

The aim of the visit is mainly to prove to Germany that Syria is actually a safe country of origin, which is opposite to the popular belief of western media, actually true.

“The representatives of the AFD in parliament, which are currently guests on the Syrian Parliament, are agreeing that the picture of this twitter blogger contains more truth about the situation in Syria, than all the written stuff from the allied media. Please don‘t believe a single word from them.”

-Frank Pasemann

This plan to visit was seen as a provocation in the German parliament, which lead to a heated discussion on Friday, 15th November. The discussion seemed as if our government lived in 2 alternate realities, where the Political middle (SPD, CDU, and FDP) and the Green party (Bündnis 90/die Grünen) spoke of a ‘cruel regime’ and ‘no one in their right mind could call it a safe country of origin,’ while the plan to visit was seen as the correct thing to do by the German left party (Die Linke), though they still expressed disapproval of the party.

The Left and the AFD are rivaling parties as the Left supports refugee immigration, and is against Israeli Apartheid, while AFD is against refugees (the motivation for re-immigration of Syrian refugees) and believes BDS is Antisemitic (while most Anti-Jewish attacks in Germany are committed by right extremists). AFD is also a rival of the Green party as the AFD does not believe in man-made climate change.

“Open borders for refugees – the Left is agreeing to that on their party assembly. This is completely ridiculous. God have mercy over our country if ever these blinded communists take over power.”

-Frank Pasemann

Any coalition with AFD is unlikely as AFD is often considered as a right extremist since their leading politicians often do not distance themselves from the right extremists in their “right-wing” (Flügel). Since a German government needs a political majority, this majority is usually achieved through coalitions.

Frank Pasemann is the AFD connection to the anti-Muslim and anti-immigration Identity Movement (Identitäre Bewegung). The Identity Movement was earlier this year undergoing terror network investigation, as they have received funding from the New Zealand shooter, who was partially inspired by the Identity Movement in Austria, that also receives funding from AFD. Except uncovering the funding structure, the terror network investigation yielded no information that can lead to an arrest.

Germany officially recognizes Afghanistan as a safe country of origin, while Syria not. This allows German authorities to push off Afghan refugees back to a country where women have to fear getting attacked when getting an education, due to the high presence of Taliban, while some Syrians that have had been influenced by Al-Qaeda, and live in Germany, cannot legally be pushed off to Syria due to the Geneva Convention. Most of Syria is currently under the Syrian Government control, where people, against the popular belief, experience peace and many freedoms. After a journalist and supposed “conflict analyst” Julian Röpke from the gossip newspaper Bild (it is a gossip newspaper similar to the British SUN), called the AFD trip ‘Propaganda for the Assad Regime,’ Frank Paseman responded:

“Dear Mr. Julian Röpke, traveling educates! That’s why you should travel more. Then you might realize what disgusting propaganda you are spreading bringing pain to Syrians weighing heavy on the shoulders of the German people. For a new Syria politics! AFD.”

-Frank Pasemann

The AFD tour is received negatively by many German Netizen (citizens on the web) here in Germany. His tweet was commented with posts like “AFD on cuddle politics with autocracies, how embarrassing”, “The AFD must love mass murderers. I can’t see this as anything else” and “I would love to know if they hate refugees that much, that they can send refugees into possible death, or if they are just that stupid”.

The USA propaganda seems to run deep in German society, which is very worrying for me. I pray that at least some will do their research and try to see the evidence against the false claims, such as the Chemical Attacks, and the bombing of hospitals.

In conclusion, the left and the right parties are currently, even if combined, a minority in the German parliament, and are one of the most unlikely political coalitions that can possibly happen. Therefore, they are unlikely to bring a change in German’s Syria policies. Perhaps the aim of this travel was to gain publicity, to make more voters aware of what is going on in Syria, and to win those voters for themselves. Even if there were elections this week (the political landscape in Germany has drastically changed this year), the left would only have 9% while the AFD 14% in the Parliament. Sadly, it would be unwise to get one’s hopes up from this delegation. A coalition that would be a possibility in the 2021 elections would be Green-SPD-Left, which would contain at least one Party that is not delusional about the situation in Syria.


This article is a contribution from @maxsieg

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