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German Correspondent Armbruster: Wounded in Syria


The German ARD correspondent Jörg Armbruster (media bias), known as one of the biggest war promoter from the war in Libya and Syria, was injured in Syria while he tried to produce another biased documentation for the German television.

The correspondent of the German state television media channels, Jörg Armbruster, became famous for his promotion of the war in Libya and his biased stories about the situation and events in Syria. Some also call him a direct mouthpiece of the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other NATO countries – in order to sell the typical NATO propaganda to the German television viewer.

But the German correspondent Armbruster has not only used these channels to sell the false propaganda about Libya and Syria to the German television viewers, he also wrote a book and used all other ways to promote the NATO propaganda and to boost his own career. He is known as a careerist and twaddler for money in the German circle of journalists.

This goes so far that even some colleagues of the same German channel call him a propagandist and, as said, careerist. Both belongs probably together – promote the NATO propaganda and you won`t have problems in your career in Germany.

It is really unfortunate that Jörg Armbruster was injured in Syria but this happens when you stay with armed Jihadists and mercenaries. Of course, the Department of Psychological Warfare of the German state television and the attached corporate and state media are hypocritical whining about the wounded and great German correspondent Armbruster. The whining, mixed with propaganda, on the websites of several German media agencies like ARD and ZDF is unbearable.

The German correspondent and war promoter Jörg Armbruster was and is always one of the leading “embedded” war propagandists. Not only in Syria and Libya, but also in Egypt. Armbruster was always on the side of the aggressors. One good example of his lies is the moment when Armbruster blamed the troops of the former Libyan leader Gaddafi (Qaddafi) for a massacre, although the armed terrorists and Islamists of NATO were guilty for this massacre in Libya. But that´s the way Armbruster worked and works – as long as he was and is able to serve the NATO propaganda.

This correspondent from Germany is also one of these so-called journalists who is a huge fan of the Muslim Brotherhood. When he stayed in the Egyptian capital Cairo, he was sometimes seen with some figures of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood having dinner.

The Muslim Brotherhood, corrupt to the bones and always trying to misuse Islam for political goals, are currently considered as an organisation which probably should be forbidden by the Egyptian Supreme Judge. In the Emirates, the Muslim Brotherhood is on trial for conspiracy. In Syria? The Muslim Brotherhood is guilty for many crimes already. And so on. There are no “moderate Islamists”. This new name for the heads of the rotten Muslim Brotherhood is just an invention by such biased correspondents like the German Jörg Armbruster.

He was treated in Turkey and then flown back to Germany after he was injured in crossfire while he tried to make another propaganda-documentary about the “Arab Spring” – including Syria, of course.

Some might wonder who has actually issued him the visa for Syria and how great must the indoctrination be when a pensioner still risks his life for NATO propaganda? But the second question might be easy to answer; as said, he has always been a careerist who stops at nothing. The first question? The usual problems in and about Syria.

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