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general leadership of the armed forces villages of international roads are secure

The General Leadership of the army and armed forces said in a statement, “The men of Syrian Arab Army, with the cooperation with the honoring residents, carried out qualitative operations, in which they secured the villages on the international roads, and the villages are: Salamia, Athraya, Khanaser, al-Mazra’a, Rasem al-Naqe, Om Amoud Sgheir, Om Amoud, Jneid, Qibteen, Khreiresh, Jalaghim, al-Sfeira, defence factories corporation, the scientific researches centers, Bashakwa, Tal Abour, Turkan, Tal Shegheib, al-Nairab, al-Nairab Camp and Aleppo International Airport”. 

The statement said, “This operation is a continuous act to eliminate what is left of agents and mercenaries in these areas and an affirmation for the insistence of our armed forces for continuing its national sacred duties in defending the country and confronting the killing and assaulting against our people and nation”.

The leadership added, “As soon as possible, the army units delivered humanitarian aids to the afflicted residents from the crimes of the terrorist groups and secured the return of displaced residents to their homes”.

Ending, “Our armed forces, and despite telling the people about the army’s victories against the terrorists and mercenaries, call all who were deceived of Syria’s people to return to their right path, the chance is still here to drop arms and the nation fits all its people”.

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