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fsa and israel attack syrian research center

Western media relayed disinformation by Israeli sources announcing that their army had attacked a Syrian military convoy transporting weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon. According to the press articles, Sam-7 missiles or chemical weapons ready for deployment were allegedly part of the shipment.

In fact, the Israeli Air Force bombed a research center located in Jemraya in the suburbs of Damascus, on Wednesday afternoon, January 30, 2013. There were no Sam-7’s or chemical weapons housed at the center. Indeed, the destruction of Sam-7 missiles would have set off explosions visible from the capital. As for the destruction of chemical weapons ready for use (that is to say whose components have already been mixed) would have caused a disaster.

An unofficial Syrian source told Voltaire Network that a few days earlier the Syrian Arab Army had seized some sophisticated Israeli material used by the Contras, which it stored in the research center where it was to be taken apart and analyzed.

This is probably the material that the Israelis intended to destroy before being taken to Russia or Iran. The Center was first attacked by ground commandos of the Free Syrian Army who were pushed back. Then, the Israeli Air Force intervened directly to carry out the work that the Contras were unable to achieve.

Israeli planes flew in very low from Lebanon. They soared from behind Mount Hermon and penetrated Syrian airspace only very briefly.

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