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Foreign Ministry: Turkish Government Continues to Interfere in Syria’s Internal Affairs Supports al-Qaeda Linked Armed Groups


Mar 07, 2013

DAMASCUS,(SANA)- The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry sent two identical letters to the Chairman of the UN Security Council and to the UN Secretary-General on the clear announcement of the Turkish government’s officials on interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and on harboring, training, arming and financing al-Qaeda linked armed terrorist groups.

In its letters the Ministry said ” we have explained in our previous letters the huge role and the hostile practices of the current Turkish government and some of the regional and international forces which directly or indirectly support al-Qaeda linked armed terrorist groups in an outrageous violation of the principles and rules of the international law and of the UN Security Council’s decisions with regard to combating terrorism and of the principle of non-interfering in the countries’ internal affairs.”

” In a time when the officials of the Turkish government continue to clearly announce that Turkey interferes in Syria’s internal affairs as it has been recently stated by the Turkish Premier and by the Foreign Minister in Geneva, Vienna and Rome , the Turkish government also continues to harbor, train, arm and finance al-Qaeda linked armed terrorist groups in Syria by all means.”

The Ministry indicated that field information and the Turkish and international political and media reports and what has been stated by a number of the Turkish parliamentarians and parties’ leaders show the scale of the Turkish interference in the events which are taking place in Syria.

“Turkish parliamentarians have recently raised a number of issues at the Turkish Parliament with conclusive evidence which proves that the Turkish government is involved in the events which are taking place in Syria including the entrance of the Libyan ship “Intisar” to Iskenderun Port two months ago with a special permission from the Turkish Interior Ministry as the ship was carrying 400 tons of weapons to hand them over to the terrorists in Syria along with 250 Libyan terrorists to enter the Syrian territories,” the Ministry went on saying.

The Ministry pointed out that the inquiry list submitted to the Turkish Parliament by the Republican People’s Party (CHP) MP Atilla Kart proves the righteousness of what we have mentioned as he called upon the Turkish government to explain the reasons behind allowing three C-130 Saudi airplanes earmarked for military transportation and evacuation to use the Turkish airspace to transport weapons and gunmen to Syria and whether the airplanes had carried “fighters” from al-Qaeda.

In its letters, the Ministry indicated that Turkish Cumhuriyet Newspaper mentioned in its version which has been published few days ago that publican People’s Party (CHP) MP Hurşit Güneş has submitted a criminal complaint against the officials of the Turkish government due to the policies they adopt against Syria as he said in a press conference that the government of Justice and Development Party trains gunmen in Turkey, transports weapons to Syria and provides all types of aid and support to the armed groups in Syria,” adding that a number of the armed terrorist groups’ leaders have given information in this regard to international news agencies and media.

The Ministry said that Reuters News Agency on 27/02/2013 quoted leaders of armed groups as saying ” Weapons shipment arrived in Syria through Turkey last month which included several military equipment such as anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons, mortars and rocket launchers, and they received these weapons in a normal and legal way not through smuggling corridors, but through Bab al-Hawa Crossing.”

 “This information proves in an irrefutable way that the Turkish territories have become a center for gathering, harboring, exporting, supporting and financing terrorism and terrorists from al-Qaeda to work inside Syria under the supervision of the Turkish government,” the Ministry added.

It asserted that the international community’s ignorance of the conclusive evidence and information which prove the involvement of the Turkish government and the governments of some regional and international countries in what is taking place in Syria contributes to the continuity of the crisis and gives a cover to al-Qaeda linked armed terrorist groups and to the countries which support them to continue their crimes against the Syrians.

The Ministry concluded the letters by saying ” Hoping that the international community including the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General will clearly and frankly shoulder their responsibilities, Syria demands condemning the acts perpetrated by the Turkish government and by the other countries which support and finance al-Qaeda linked armed terrorist groups, holding them responsible for what is taking place in Syria, putting a limit to the Turkish government and other countries to stop such acts and exerting all possible efforts to handle this dangerous situation according to the international law and the responsibilities of the Security Council in confronting terrorism and preserving the international peace and security.

It affirmed that adopting such serious stances by the international community will settle the crisis and will encourage the Syrian parties to come to the national dialogue table to solve the crisis in Syria through the dialogue among the Syrians themselves and under the leadership of Syria. 

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