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foreign ministry syria rejects having arab league with its biased and negative policies play any role in resolving crisis in syria

Mar 06, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA) – The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement issued on Wednesday that the Arab League continued to break its charter, internal system, principles and purposes by having its Council on the ministerial levels issue a decision granting a seat in it to a specific part of the Syrian opposition which had been calling for foreign intervention since the beginning of the crisis in Syria even if that was at the expense of shedding the blood of innocent Syrians.
The statement said that in this context, the Syrian Arab Republic affirms its adherence to the following basic and Ir-retraceable principles in dealing with any international effort to resolve the crisis in Syria:

The first principle: the Arab League has chosen since it interfered in the course of the crisis in Syria to be a biased side for the benefit of Arab, regional and international sides that seek to summon foreign military intervention in the crisis, that hinder any political solution based on national dialogue, and that encourage and fund sides in the opposition and extremist terrorist groups that work on escalating the crisis by murdering innocents, vandalizing infrastructure, targeting the Syrian Army and security forces, and spreading chaos and instability in the country.

The second principle: the Arab League has become a hostage to the biased political position of specific Arab Gulf countries which are Qatar and Saudi Arabia, therefore the Arab League cannot be a side which helps reach a true political solution for the crisis in Syria based on the will of the greater majority of Syrians, and thus the Syrian Arab Republic affirms its firm position which rejects having the Arab League, in light of its biased and negative polices, play any role or have any representation in any international plan or efforts seeking a peaceful resolution for the crisis in Syria.

The third principle: the decisions issued by the Arab League Councils and the discussions that took place on Wednesday reestablish the Qatari role which delivered the coup de grace to the Arab League, showing that the sheikhdoms of money, petrol and gas have becomes the tools that control Arab common action and Arab national security in order to swerve the compass away from the true enemy which occupies the land and instead direct it towards a fabricated and destructive clash which targets the Arab and Islamic unity of rank.

The fourth principle: targeting Syria under the umbrella of Arab League decisions shows that the Arab sides leading this sabotage effort, first among which are Qatar and Saudi Arabia, seek by the decision issued on Wednesday to mask the truth of the organized terrorism and external instigation in Syria which seek to hinder resolving the crisis peacefully, specifically since the decision stipulates for providing military support to terrorist groups which seek to shed Syrian blood and destroy infrastructure, which constitutes the bases and elements of the crime of aggression as described by the resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly.

The fifth principle: the aforementioned positions of the Arab League and some Arab quasi-states will not dissuade the Syrian government from continuing positive cooperation with constructive international efforts, nor from continuing to carry out its national duty and role in imposing security and stability and the state’s authority across the country by confronting the armed and extremist terrorist groups which commit massacres, murder, vandalism and destruction against the country’s people and which are still being funded, directed and armed by Arab and regional sides.

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