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Foreign Ministry: Syria Condemns US Flagrant Interference in Cuba

Cuba is close to Florida but is not part of the US

14 July، 2021 Damascus, SANA- Syria has condemned in the strongest terms the US outrageous interference in the internal affairs of Cuba which aims to undermine the stability in it, expressing confidence that Havana which has faced the US unjust blockade will be able to overcome the new onslaught facing it and to preserve its sovereignty.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, in a statement to SANA on Wednesday, said “The Syrian Arab Republic condemns in the strongest terms the US blatant interference in Cuba’s internal affairs which aims to destabilize it and to undermine the achievements gained by the Cuban people.”

The flag of the Republic of Cuba.
The flag of the Republic of Cuba.

The source added, “The US unjust blockade and the policy of the illegitimate unilateral coercive measures are the main reason behind the difficult economic conditions and the suffering in the livelihood of the Cuban citizens, and the international community must move and put an end to this economic terrorism which constitutes a violation of the international humanitarian law and the most basic human rights.”

Cuba is next on the list for the US humanitarian gift of democracy.
Before & after photos of countries that received the sacred imposition of US democracy. Biden regime and bipartisan war dogs want to give the same gift to Cuba.

The source went on to say that the Syrian Arab Republic expresses its full solidarity with the friendly Cuban leadership, government, and people, and it is confident that Cuba, which has faced the unjust US blockade for nearly sixty years, will be able to overcome the new onslaught against it and preserve its sovereignty.

Siria Solidaria con Cuba ante Intentos Desestabilizadores e Injerencistas de Estados Unidos

Siria condenó hoy la flagrante injerencia de Estados Unidos en Cuba y los intentos de desestabilizar a esta nación.

La República Árabe Siria condena en los términos más enérgicos la flagrante injerencia de Estados Unidos en los asuntos internos de Cuba, la cual busca desestabilizar a esta nación y socavar los logros de su pueblo”, afirmó el Ministerio de Exteriores y Expatriados en una declaración emitida hoy.

La nota indicó que el injusto bloqueo estadounidense y la política de medidas coercitivas unilaterales ilegales son la principal causa de las difíciles condiciones económicas y del sufrimiento del pueblo cubana.

Instó la comunidad internacional a actuar para poner fin a este terrorismo económico que constituye una violación del derecho internacional humanitario y los más elementales derechos humanos.

Asimismo, expresó la plena solidaridad con el pueblo, gobierno y dirección de Cuba.

Confiamos que Cuba, que ha enfrentado el injusto bloqueo de Estados Unidos durante casi sesenta años, podrá superar la nueva embestida en su contra y preservar su soberanía, concluyó Cancillería su declaración.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    When the USA will fall into chaos, sooner than anticipated earlier, the whole world will celebrate except its 51st illegal state Israel.


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