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first shipment of golan apples for the season arrives

Mar 05, 2013

QUNEITRA, (SANA) – The first shipment of apples from the occupied Syrian Golan arrived in the homeland as part of the process of procuring Golan apples for the 2012-2013 season.
The first shipment arrived through the Quneitra crossing point, supervised by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Around 18,000 tons of apples are expected to arrive over a period of over 10 weeks, with a rate of around 250 tons per day.
Chairman of the committee for marketing Golan apples, Quneitra Governor Malek Mohammad, said that steps gave been taken to facilitate the shipping of the apples to markets in Syria.
He pointed out that the procurement process seeks the support the people of Golan whose apple crops constitute the main income source, thereby helping them confront the Israeli occupation practices which include hindering the marketing of their crops, damaging their farmlands, stealing water, and imposing preposterous taxes.

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