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Aleppo the Story of Unending Pain, Eyewitnesses Accounts from Sheik Maqsoud

Terrorists in Sheik Maqsoud

The following are accounts by eyewitnesses from Sheik Maqsoud, people who managed to escape the area. This is the story of what happened in Sheik Maqsoud after AlNusra Front entered the once peaceful neighborhood.

“They raped lots of Christian girls in Sheik Maqsoud, in front of their parents. They killed anyone who tried to stop the rape, saying the girls are war trophies. They took turns raping them, then they slaughtered them” Abu Omar continued crying

“They killed AlHassan mosque Imam, where is the pride in that, where is the honor?!! We are Syrians, how can we watch that and do nothing. This is our pride and honor being paraded in front of us. None is doing anything

What did Aleppo do to you… By God if we only had one day left in our lives, we’ll kill you one by one you bastards, you AlNusra Front. You barbarians, you want Aleppo. You’ll have to kill all Syrians not only the people of Aleppo

Another account from a different resident:

“I’m a man from the area; me and my family hardly escaped for our lives, after what we saw. It’s unbelievable. We saw death with our own eyes. From what we saw, with the pigs (terrorists) that entered there was a bearded man, a disgusting looking man, wearing a galabia. He held a sword. Behind him a weaponless man walked. From what I learned later that he’s a Sharia Sheik, he tells the swordsman kill this one, behead this man…

We asked many to help, but none aided us. Our neighborhood is all gone (Eastern Sheik Maqsoud). Those trapped in there are awaiting their turns for rape and murder, looting, burning of homes and shops, etc…

Aleppo was all sold, none cares anymore. We only ask God for help. We don’t know where to go anymore. We had enough, none cares. We hope you make people hear us. Aleppo has ended.”

This is what is being done to Syrians with the influx of weapons and funds from the democratic and the humanitarian west.

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