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EU Council Coulisse, Attempts to Legalize Arms Shipments to Terrorist Groups in Syria

Mar 12, 2013

BRUSSELS, (SANA)-The coulisse of the European Union (EU) Council’s meetings on Monday witnessed intensive efforts by some countries to lift the embargo on providing weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria in a step towards legalizing what was taking place secretly in a time when the EU officials have made fake statements in support of the political solution to the crisis in Syria.

British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, avowed his country’s support to the armed terrorist groups against the Syrian people and state, and each time he expressed his government’s readiness to escalate this support and to provide these groups with more arms.

“Britain is ready to provide the opposition in Syria with defensive equipment and to train the gunmen,” Hague said upon arrival to Brussels Meeting, asserting that his country will take full advantage of easing the EU embargo against shipping arms to the opposition.

Regional and Western media reports affirmed sending arms to the terrorist groups in Syria as well as training mercenaries by British officers at camps in a number of the neighboring countries.

The British Foreign Secretary confirmed that France, Germany and Italy largely share the British approach and consider the possibility of increasing support to the opposition , asserting that they will continue discussing alleviating the embargo on sending weapons in the forthcoming months.

Hague, shrewdly, claimed seeking a political solution to the crisis in Syria, saying “of course we will all seek to a achieve a political settlement if we were able to do that.”

At the end of the Brussels Meeting, French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, said “The issue of the embargo imposed on the arms shipments sent to the opposition is raised more and more and will have to be raised again very soon because we cannot accept /what he called/ such an unbalanced state.”

French Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, confessed the existence of dozens of whom he called ‘the French Jihadists’ in Syria .

Valls also, deceptively, claimed care for seeking a political solution to the crisis in Syria, saying “it is clear that we should exploit all contacts and channels in an attempt to find a political solution.”

Analysts stressed that the EU with its partners in NATO and others are playing key role in what is taking place in Syria regarding the massacres, destroying the infrastructure and targeting the Syrian people, state and army by regional and Arab tools.

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