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Erdogan Terrorists Desecrate and Loot a Church in the city of Ras Al Ain

Erdogan terrorists in northern Syria - Ras Al Ain Hasakah Deir Ezzor Raqqa

Terrorists loyal to the Turkish madman Erdogan desecrated and looted a church in the city of Ras Al Ain in the northern countryside of Hasakah, at the northern Syrian borders with NATO member state Turkey.

Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated terrorists sponsored by the regime of Recep Erdogan of Turkey attacked, desecrated, and stole furniture, metal equipment, copper collectibles in addition to electrical appliances from the Mar Touma Church in the Churches neighborhood of Ras al-Ain, in order to smuggle them abroad under cover from the Turkish regime authorities.

The Muslim Brotherhood cult, which Erdogan and the late leader of Al Qaeda Zawahiri are members of, has a large enmity towards everything that is not like them, especially other Muslims and non-Muslims of the region.

This explains Erdogan’s continuous targeting of churches, mosques, shrines, clerics, and bishops everywhere they reach including in Turkey itself.

The terrorists not only desecrated and looted the Mar Touma Church in Ras Al Ain, they continue their theft of large areas of farmlands and stealing agriculture equipment, they also prevented other farmers from reaching their farms.

Hundreds of hectares of the towns of Duwairi, Masajid, Tal Berm, Teenah, and Hardanah in the region of Ras Al Ain were also stolen by a terrorist group calling itself ‘Hamzat’ earlier this month. This ‘Hamzat’ terrorist group is the same one whose members popped up in Libya and in Nagorno Karabach fighting the neo-Ottoman Erdogan’s wars against humanity.

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