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Egypt: Public Prosecutor Orders Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

The public prosecutor in Egypt has finally ordered the arrest of several leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, among them are Mohamed Badie and further eight senior members of the Egyptian branch of this Islamist movement.

The Egyptian public prosecutor issued the arrest warrant for Mohamed Badie and the other eight senior members at the top of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood on Wednesday.

It was said, that the arrest warrant against these nine leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was issued in order to probe the accusations of inciting the violence in Egypt and especially in the capital Cairo against them.

Mohamed Badie, one of the known leaders of the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood has been detained and later released at least once after the military overthrow of the allegedly democratically elected President and Islamist Mohamed Morsi.

The Egyptian army has toppled the so-called President and member of the Muslim Brotherhood by a military coup earlier this month. The totalitarian dictatorship of Saudi Arabia supported the military overthrow of Egyptians President Mohamed Morsi by the army.

Of course, the situation in Egypt and especially in the capital Cairo seems to become increasingly tense and both sides, the Egyptian military as well as the Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, seem to not shy back to use the people on the streets in order to justify their decisions and actions. As usual, the Egyptian citizens are just the plaything of these powers in Egypt, while foreign powers try to gain more influence and to implement their visions of a new Egypt in the North African country.

The Muslim Brotherhood has always used religious topics as a pretext in order to achieve worldly goals and especially, to gain more political power in a country. Since the establishment of the Muslim Brotherhood years ago, this has not changed. The Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous political movement that uses radical religious stances in order to increase the support by the local people, who blindly do believe the Brotherhood due to their religious stances and the lack of education in several countries such as Egypt.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has also published a new statement yesterday. In this issued statement by the “Egyptian Brothers”, the Muslim Brotherhood called on all their supporters, mainly in the countryside in Egypt, to carry out huge nationwide protests tomorrow after the Friday prayers under the alleged slogan “the (Egyptian) people want to bring down the coup”.

Egyptian Military
Egyptian Military

To be honest, the military coup against the Islamist Mohamed Morsi, who is far away from being a democrat, was not the worst idea by the Egyptian army, but the support of the totalitarian dictatorship Saudi Arabia and the Qatari hands of blood behind this military coup against Mohamed Morsi trigger several questions about such a statement. It would have been better when the Egyptian military had acted alone and not as “executive organ” of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Meanwhile, at a military graduation ceremony, the leader of the Egyptian military, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has stated that he calls on the Egyptian people to take to the streets tomorrow (after the Friday prayers) in order to show their support for the Egyptian army and police and to justify a mandate in order to confront the possible violence and terrorism on Egyptian streets.

If both sides, the pro-Morsi Islamists and the pro-Military supporters, will take on the streets after the Friday prayers in Egypt, further clashes, violence, and deaths are to expect.

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  1. Arklight

    My hat’s off to the prosecutor! Don’t stop with the leaders, arrest every Muslim Brother, then give them the same justice that they gave the postal workers thrown off the roof of the post office, and the same justice they gave the Copts who were publicly crucified in Cairo.


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