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Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack (Source: Press TV)

Human Shields to protect Syria against a possible war on Damascus.

The Human Shield Campaign has already called on all the anti-war campaigners and activists to support the prevention of a gruesome war against Syria and even people from the West already travelled to Syria in order to support the human shields campaign to protect the country against American bombs.

While Syrian citizens and especially athletes and artists have launched the “Over our Dead Bodies” campaign to protect possible US targets in and around the Syrian capital against an American bombardment that will bomb Syria back to the Middle Ages, also foreign activists and the Human Shields campaign, known from the times of the Iraq war, have launched similar campaigns to protect the Arab country with their own bodies against a possible US-led airstrike on Syria.

Now, there is also a new campaign in the Egyptian capital Cairo that is similar to the human shields campaign and should support the participators of the human shields campaign in Syria. The campaign in Egypt is called “Here is Damascus from Cairo” and was launched to motivate the youths of Egyptian to travel to Syria and to participate in the human shield protests to protect the Arab country against a possible US-led war.

Further, the Egyptian youths should go to Syria and join the human shields campaigns there to express their support for Syria in the face of the increased possibility of a US-led military strike against Damascus.

According to the coordinator of the “Here is Damascus from Cairo” campaign, Mr. Ibrahim al-Jaoushi, they are “conjuring the soul of the martyr Joul Jammal who came from Syria to save the Egyptian city of Port Said during the tripartite aggression on Egypt in 1956.”

Ibrahim al-Jayoushi, the responsible coordinator behind the call in Egypt to join the human shields campaign in Syria in order to prevent another baseless and senseless war on a country in the Middle East, also said in a recent interview that they will travel to Syria “as the defenders of its lands.” However, he almost seem to regret that the Egyptian youths are not the first who go to Syria in order to form human shields against US bombs.

Of course, he does not really regret it. The more people participate in this probably dangerous action in case the US really starts its war on Syria, although it’s actually more an Israeli-Saudi war against Damascus, the better it is. But as stated, the formation of human shields against a bombardments of any military force and to protect a certain area or a country such as Syria is dangerous.

The coordinator in the Egyptian capital Cairo, Ibrahim al-Jayoushi, explained in his statements about the “Here is Damascus from Cairo” campaign, that they are not the first to do so as there are youths from Italy who preceded us in heading there and forming human shields.”

Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack (Source: Press TV)
Syrian Civilians form Human shield against US-led attack (Source: Press TV)

And not only people from Italy went already to Syria to join the formations of human shields against the possible US-led bombardment of the Arab country, but also people from other Western countries are already in Syria or on their way – or plan it to join the human shields campaign, mainly in the Syrian capital, Damascus, of course.

Beside the coordinator of the Egyptian campaign to motivate the youths of the North African country to join the human shields in Syria, also the media spokesman for the campaign in Egypt, Mr. Hisham Habareer, made same statements about the campaign and the US war plans against Damascus.

The media spokesman of the “Here is Damascus from Cairo” campaign in Egypt said that they are trying to do the right thing, the thing that they “have failed to do in 2003 during the US invasion of Baghdad.” Hisham Habareer added to the statement that they call upon all the Arab youth to preserve the Arab soil and to protect Syria from any US-Western desecration.

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    • Arklight

      Good interview! Highly recommended! A salute to these young people who are putting their lives on the line – – too bad that politicians, who risk nothing, have no courage, huh?

  1. Bill

    The US and its allies should be ashamed to themselves, but they do not even have a conscience, just an agenda for a one world government. Israel is behind this agenda. I have read many stories about Israel’s involvement in the New World Order but up until now I was never quite sure if they were true; now I know they are and I hate them for this. Agenda 21 is the most evil plan I have ever known of and though I live in the west I hope our governments fail in their attempt to enforce this agenda around the world, because it is an utter violation of human right. Our Governments are currently rolling out Agenda 21 as sustainable development and everyone is suffering, we hate them for their never-ending new taxes that are financially crippling us and their constant new laws that violate of our civil liberties. Though you guys don’t know it, many of us are behind you and working hard to expose Agenda 21 so that we can stop the move for a New World Order and One World Government. We do not trust the media or our government anymore and fear for our future. I pray that we will stand united and put an end to the New World Order.

    • Arklight

      Hey, Bill, welcome. Anyone can type ‘UN Agenda 21’ into their favorite search engine, download the docs, and read the filthy stuff for themselves; they might follow it up with ‘UN Local Agenda 21’, if they’re not still puking their guts out.


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