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Egypt: The Sphinx at Giza.

Egypt: The West removed Morsi and incites a civil war.

The current events in Egypt and the reaction of the West on the brutality precede of the Egyptian military against the population shows again the double standards of America and Europe. In Syria, the protests against the government were reportedly crushed by force two years ago.

Immediately, the Western governments have been started to play the role as a defender of human rights and the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has been called the worst dictator – the order was issued that Syria’s President has to be overthrown with the help of armed terrorist gangs from abroad. They even threatened with a military intervention in Syria by NATO forces.

On the other hand, they have initially tolerated a military coup against the democratically elected government of Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) in Egypt, and now, the Egyptian military kills thousands of demonstrators who are protesting against the military overthrow of Morsi.

What do we hear from the West? Not much. No outcry about human rights violations, and certainly not the threat that they are thinking about a military intervention in Egypt in order to stop the carnage and bloodshed.

Egypt / Syria – What’s the difference?

Sure thing! The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad does not follow the instructions from Washington and Tel Aviv, therefore, he is an evil dictator who has to go.

On the other hand, the new strong man of Egypt, who was behind the overthrow of the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Arabic: عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي), has the best connections to Washington, both to the leadership of the U.S. army and to the U.S. Department of Defence, which supports the Egyptian army annually with $ 1.3 billion of military aid. He is also a puppet of the Zionists and does everything what they want.

Therefore, he is a good dictator in the eyes of the West and he thus has the allowance to shoot the people. Nobody calls on him to step down, the West only pronounces half-hearted warnings to not carry the bloodshed and violence too far in Egypt.

Without a green light from the White House and Pentagon, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (Arabic: عبد الفتاح سعيد حسين خليل السيسي) would have never dared to overthrow the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) and to introduce a military dictatorship and martial law in Egypt.

Why was Morsi removed, even though he was democratically elected and therefore he has been legitimized by the Egyptian people? The same question also applies to President Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran and President Salvador Allende in Chile, just to name two examples. Both democratically elected but overthrown in a coup by Western intelligence agencies in order to implement a dictator in both countries who are submissively dependent on the West, Shah Mohammad Rezā Pahlavī and General Augusto Pinochet.

Mohamed Morsi (Mursi) has not done what he was told by the West and thus, he had to be removed after one year. What has Morsi done wrong?

I don’t mean this from a Western perspective. The main mistake was that he thought he could be able to carry out a democratisation within the existing system of Egypt that is based on Islamic principles. Mohamed Morsi thought that he is able to implement reforms without a radical cleaning of the encrusted structure and the removal of its supporters.

However, the problem is that the removal of the Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak (Arabic: محمد حسني السيد مبارك‎) in February 2011 has only been a cosmetic change, as the remnants of the old regime still remained in all major institutions in Egypt. Whether Military, Police, Ministry of Interior or Justice, the Mubarak loyalists are still everywhere. They have the full support of the establishment and by the wealthy class in Egypt, which has mainly benefited from the old system.

The miscalculation of Mohamed Morsi was to work with the old system. It was completely unrealistic of him to think, even though he had won the elections in Egypt, that they would allow him to fully implement his policies without restrictions. What he did not realize, in any social system in history, the privileged class of the social system has never given up their privileges voluntarily.

Egypt: The Sphinx at Giza.
Egypt: The Sphinx at Giza.

A policy for the people can only be implemented when the existing establishment is overthrown very quickly, completely deprived of power and all the important positions are filled by new own persons. Unfortunately, often with violence, because the “pillars” of the old system are not willing to go by themselves.

A good example is certainly of what happened in Iran with the Islamic revolution. On 4 August, Dr Hassan Rohani was sworn into office as the new president of Iran, after he had won the elections on June 14th. Unlike Egypt, there is no danger of a military coup against Rohani in Iran, although the Iranian military is without doubts much stronger and larger than the Egyptian army. Why has the Iranian military a minor political role in comparison to all other Muslim countries? What was different in Iran?

Imam Khomeini (Ayatollah Khomeini) understood very clear how a society works and how political power should be exercised. He knew that the Shah and all its institutions, which he had built, the people there, who were sworn in on him, had to be removed as a major obstacle. He also knew that such a drastic measure would incur the wrath of the imperialist power on him and that they would try everything to blight the Islamic revolution. Nobody removes their (Western) dictator unpunished and implements a policy to the benefit of the people.

Where would we be if the oil revenue is used for the country instead of arriving in the hands of the banksters at the Wall Street and City of London? That’s the whole reason why Iran is vilified, boycotted and threatened by the West for 33 years. Not because of an alleged nuclear weapons program that does not exist, but simply because Iran does not submit itself to the moneyed elite and just wants to go its own independent way. The Imam (Ayatollah Khomeini) cleaned the whole system and brought the criminals to justice, who had acted against the people of Iran under the time of the Shah.

The Sepah (Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) was established, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as a safeguard against a counter-revolution. Iran’s military received the main task for the soldiers and officers to care about the defence of the country and not to determine on behalf of foreign powers who should govern the people in Iran.

However, Mohamed Morsi thought in Egypt, if he would adhere to the rules laid down by the Egyptian elite (establishment) and submits himself to the Anglo-American-Zionist interests, he would be allowed by them to rule Egypt according to his own will. No way. He has not been able to look as quickly as he has been removed from office by the Egyptian military. That was a coup – approved by Washington.

What he did not realize, they let him walk right into a trap. They have given him a short time so that he “fails” and that they are then able to say to the Egyptian people that they had to remove him to save the land. But he was set up from the outset to have to fail and nothing else. The puppeteers in the West became impatient with him, so they have now slammed and instigated a civil war in Egypt.

Source: alles-schallundrauch

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  1. Muhammed Salih

    If the Leaders of the Revolutions in Islamic Regions relinquished their arrogance, selfcentredness, bigotry, obstinacy then take Islamic Republic of Iran as a clear example for their revolution, instead of bending the knees and begging for democracy in front of US, EU, S. Arabia they wouldn’t be in these bloody cases. If the Leaders of the Revolutions in Islamic Regions appreciated the overwhelming success of Islamic Revolution of Iran in all areas against the Blasphemy block and benefited from this blessing of Allah in our age they would be able to save, resque their nations from the disasters, misfortunes and they wouldn’t come to the plots of enemies.
    However, the the arrogant Mursi of Egypt and the Leaders who see themselves as an acole in Tunisia, Libya kept themselves aloof from Iran that performed Islamic System. This arrogance, selfcentredness, bigotry, obstinacy act by the leaders of revolutions in Islamic Regions brought nothing to the people of the lands BUT blood and tears. Not only those leaders failed to unite people of the land but also failed even to reunite the muslims in their countries. Until when will we turn our face to Turkey, Qatar, S. Arabia and will we stay blind, deaf to the Islamic Revolution of Iran that is the blesing of Allah to our age? Until when will we walk around like a mad in the desert of infidelity, profanity?
    Today, despite Lebanon has various demographic structures, ethnic differences the Islamic Resistance of Lebanon (Hezbollah) and the Leader of the movement are able to make people gather around the Resistance because of the close relations among Resistance, its Leader and Islamic Iran. Once Plaestinians were massacred by knives and axes in Sabra, Shatilla camps by Zionist Regime but today via their conscious leaders who bounded to Islamic Revolution of Iran, they become fearful dream of Zionist Regime. If Hezbollah or Palestinians cut their ties with Iran they also will fail and be the victims of Zionist Regime. The new revolutionary leaders are failing to protect their people from any danger because of all these factors…


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