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Egypt – Cairo: Clashes between Islamists and Residents continue

Egypt - It could be so beautiful..

On Tuesday morning, some fierce clashes took place between Islamists and local citizens in several districts of the Egyptian capital, Cairo. According to the current available information and reports, a major incident happened in the area of the Ramses Square (railway station) of the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

It is said that the local residents seized a bigger amount of Islamist supporters of the military overthrown Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi at the railway station (Ramses Square) in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. After the local citizens have seized the alleged big number of pro-Morsi supporters, they reportedly handed them over to the next police station near this railway station in Cairo – or, at least, were preparing to hand the Islamists over to the Egyptian security forces.

Several units of the Egyptian security forces and the police in Cairo were able to force two groups out of the Ramses Square and from the automobile overpass that is located on this square in Cairo. This success of the law and order units in Cairo was important to secure the area and to prevent further violence because it was about two opposing groups – one group supports the overthrow by the Egyptian military and the other group, probably mainly members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, supports their leader Morsi and thus, opposes the actions taken by the Egyptian army.

Further clashes were also reported from the University in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and from other areas in the huge and partly very dirty capital of the North African country. Everywhere in Cairo, where the Muslim Brotherhood organized their protests and rallies, there is the huge chance that clashes will take place as it is already confirmed by the recent protest marches of pro-Morsi supporters and the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo.

While the supporters of the Egyptian military are far more peaceful, some parts of the supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other kinds of pro-Morsi supporters are not as peaceful and educated like the pro-army supporters.

Syrian person thrown from the rooftop of a government building by Islamists in Alexandria, Egypt.
Children thrown off rooftop in Alexandria, Egypt by Morsi supporters (video & source)

According to further information from the Egyptian capital, four police officers and several dozen of people were injured already today morning in Cairo due to the clashes between the pro-Morsi supporters and the supporters of the military overthrow of the former Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi (Mursi).

In addition, the Egyptian police has again used tear gas in some areas to dispel the crowds of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood after the Islamists had blocked some important roads in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It is reported that the Islamists also blocked the circular automobile road and even the road that leads to the international airport of the Egyptian capital.

After thousands of Islamists and supporters of the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood protested in the night from Monday to Tuesday in Cairo, it was clear as the sky that further clashes will take place and that, e.g. the Egyptian police, has to care about these crowds of Islamists, although the use of tear gas is probably not the best way, but useful.

After the Egyptian security forces and police cared about the thousands of protesters, supporting the ousted President Morsi, on their usual gathering spot in front of the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo, the Islamists started to gather at different locations in the Egyptial capital and also began with the blocking of several streets in Cairo. The night from Monday to today shows exactly why the Muslim Brotherhood is no units of “moderate Islamists”.

The supporters are partly dangerous, there is no sense for real democracy and Mohamed Morsi became the President of Egypt due to the hidden support by foreign powers and he was never a real democratic President of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood is using religion to achieve worldly goals and to increase their political influence in every country they start to spread.

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