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Detainee Caught Crossing Border Among Terrorist Groups Handed Over to Lebanon

Mar 21, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- The authorities handed over to the Lebanese counterparts Hassan Srour who was arrested while trying to cross the border into Syria.

Srour, who is from Bab al-Tabbaneh area in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli, was caught in an ambush among terrorist groups that attempted to infiltrate into the Syrian territories in Talkalkah countryside in Homs.

Speaking in a statement to the press, Srour said he entered the Syrian territories through Wadi Khalid road on the Syrian-Lebanese border after crossing the river.

He explained that the group he belongs to is affiliated to the so-called Dai al-Islam (Advocate of Islam) al-Shahhal and led by so-called Youssef Abo Arida, noting that one member of the group is of Palestinian nationality.

Srour pointed out that his group, armed with RPGs, automatic rifles, grenades and machineguns, was receiving funds through Abo al-Baraa, one of its members, in al-Mankoubin area, in addition to training, and that they aimed to enter the Syrian territories to fight and kill the Syrian army members.

“After we left Wadi Khalid heading to Syria, we met a Syrian called Abo Omar who in turn called two other Syrians to bring us food and water,” said Srour, recounting the details of how his group was ambushed.

“In the evening, when we were on our way to al-Hosn Citadel, we were surprised by an ambush by the Syrian army forces and we clashed with them. I however managed to flee as I was walking at the end of the group until I was caught in the morning,” Srour added.

Back in prison, Srour said he used to listen to other detainees telling stories of how they committed acts of murder and rape and filmed videos to accuse the Syrian army personnel, while others were talking about their mission of shooting at protesters also to blame the army members.

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