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Democracy Turkish-Style: A Party Expels its Leader!

Erdogan and Davutoglu Turkish AKP party split

No one envies the Turkish pariah Erdogan these days, he put himself in a very bad position due to his arrogant policies and his dreams to revive the most hated in the region Ottoman caliphate where he, the most hated person in the region dreams to become its absolute caliph.

Husni Mahali, prominent Turkish journalist wrote the following article for the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel about the latest feudal battles between Erdogan and his own colleagues and former bosses in his ruling party:

As expected, the executive committee of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) decided on Monday to expel the party’s former leader, former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and four close associates.

The decision came after Davutoglu’s fierce criticism of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with regard to domestic and foreign policies and threatened to reveal the secrets of these policies, especially the issue of Syria and the relationship with ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

The decision came on the eve of the information that Davutoglu expects to announce the establishment of his new party, and Erdogan will mobilize all his potential and the state’s potential to obstruct him, otherwise, he will confront him with his own methods. Sources close to Erdogan expected that those close to Davutoglu would be tempted to hold senior positions in the state with substantial financial privileges, otherwise, he would threaten them through prosecutions, that is, by accusing them of having links with the preacher Fethullah Golan, whom Erdogan blames for the failed coup attempt on July 15, 2016.

As attention turns to former President Abdullah Gul, who stands with former Economy Minister Ali Babacan, he also continues to make contact with a large number of political figures with different views to establishing his Liberal Democratic Party before the end of this year.

Opinion polls had predicted that this party would gain the support of about 10% of the votes immediately after its announcement, compared with 4% for Ahmet Davutoglu’s party, who was not originally a politician. Abdullah Gul brought him from the university and made him a foreign policy adviser when he became prime minister after the 2002 elections, Erdogan appointed him as foreign minister in May 2009, then prime minister and party leader in August 2014. American circles sought to market Davutoglu to the region, calling him “Kissinger Middle East”, playing a key role in Ankara’s plans for the Arab Spring.

One of his goals was to market the Turkish-Islamic-secular democratic model to Arab Islamists, then he became the victim of this democracy, which didn’t even show mercy to former President Abdullah Gul and most of the AKP’s founders, whom Erdogan has eliminated over the past years with his own methods. A military helicopter carrying Hulusi Akar (current chief of staff and defense minister) and Ibrahim Kalin, the spokesman for President Erdogan, landed on the roof of Gul’s house after fierce criticism of Erdogan ahead of parliamentary and presidential elections in June last year when Erdogan became the president of the republic and leader of the party after he abolished the parliamentary system and established a presidential system through which he was able to control all Turkish state institutions and facilities, first and foremost is the army, security, intelligence, judiciary and government media, and 95% of private media, which is his powerful weapon in the war against rivals and opponents, Including Gul, Davutoglu and Babacan, who are now subject to frenzied campaigns from this media, which was once in the service of all of them.

The stakes on Erdogan’s plans for war on various fronts differ after he became in an unenviable position in domestic and foreign policies.

He failed in his ideological project to Islamize the state and the Turkish nation and was humiliatingly defeated in the municipal elections, and he lost Istanbul which has a special meaning to him because he was its mayor 25 years ago.

All his foreign policies have failed, especially in Syria with its historical and ideological meaning, because he said in early 2012 that he “will soon pray at the Umayyad Mosque” (in Damascus) recalling the dreams of the Caliphate and the Ottoman Sultanate, reminding everyone of Sultan Selim, who entered Syria on 24 August 1516, like how the Turkish army entered Jarablus on the same day of 2016 with a Russian green light.

These failed policies in Syria and the Arab Spring and the deterioration of relations with America and Europe for many reasons were sufficient to bring Turkey into a serious financial and economic situation, after its foreign debt exceeded $460 billion, no one in the West is thinking of helping it out of this crisis, and the reason is quite simple:

The lack of democracy and the elimination of the independence of the judiciary, which the opposition says are judging according to President Erdogan’s instructions, who seek through the courts to get rid of all his opponents of politicians, media, lawyers and intellectuals, Davutoglu and those orbiting around him may follow them according to the expectations of political circles, recalling Erdogan’s earlier statement, in which he described democracy in 1997 as “a means, not a goal,” he likened it to the train, and said, “We will come off from it when we get to the station we want.”

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