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Restoring Daraa’s Health Care Sector After Cleaning the Province from Terror

Restoring the Health Care Sector in Daraa

In its ‘War Of Terror’ it waged against the Syrian state, the US and its international and regional cronies directed its terrorists to cause the maximum damage to the Syrian state’s infrastructure, especially where it would hurt the people mostly and where the state was providing the services for free, like the education sector, power stations, and more importantly the health care sector where hospitals, clinics, and even ambulance vehicles, all were systematically targeted and destroyed, not latest was yesterday’s heinous attack on Masyaf National Hospital by terrorists operating under Turkey’s protection in Idlib.

Daraa province in the south, where the NATO-sponsored terrorists and their propagandists like to call ‘the cradle of the revolution’ had its share of damage and destruction from the early days of the US-led ‘War Of Terror’ with public facilities attacked, ransacked, torched, and its workers slaughtered, kidnapped, raped, maimed, and lynched in the name of ‘democracy’. The health care sector was severely damaged.

The Syrian state provides free healthcare from preventive to cancer treatment to all its citizens and subsidizes to a very large percentage the medicines and pharmaceutical products. This gives a damaging example to western citizens who pay more in taxes and receive less in healthcare, welfare, and public services in general.

After cleaning the province from terrorists, the state rushed to restore the public facilities within the available resources, despite the harsh US and EU sanctions against the country depriving it from the basics to rebuild and resupply the hospitals and health care centers with much needed equipment.

The following is a short video report by SANA about some of the achievements in re-establishing the health care sector in Daraa province:

English transcript of the video report:

The health care sector in Daraa Province is getting restored on daily bases thanks to the workers in this sector especially after cleaning the province from the terror that systematically targeted this sector, destroying its infrastructure and equipment.

Tens of health care centers and facilities resumed working in different towns in the province with medical personnel returning to it…

Dr. Ashraf Barmo, Head of Health Department in Daraa:

Prior to 2011, all the health care facilities were working in full capacity but during the crisis and the vicious war waged against Syria some of the health care centers and clinics went out of service either due to destroying (it) or due to the lack of medical personnel In 2016 we had about 67 health care center in service, now, after cleaning the province (from terror) we managed to get 20 more health care centers in service, more than 80 are now in service, which provide services in full capacity, in addition to activating some health services in other areas.

Dr. Bassam Hariri, Head of National Hospital in Daraa:

We are constantly restoring the divisions, we restored a division for children instead of the destroyed Children’s Hospital, we have restored one division to become a division for obstetrics and gynecology instead of the destroyed Obstetric Hospital, we are restoring the divisions gradually, we restored the Dialysis division after it was completely destroyed, we restored the main laboratory after it was completely destroyed.

The number of personnel dropped to 10% to its numbers before the war, now after the cleaning of the countryside (from terrorists) by the Syrian Arab Army reaching the hospital has become more safe numbers of patients visiting the hospital have doubled between 10 and 20 times depending on which division.

Comment: The gradual return of the health care sector covered all the areas of the province like the First Family Care Center in Dael City.

Dr. Ziad Shahadat, Head of First Family Care Center in Dael:

The First Family Care Center in Dael City was working properly before the crisis it includes a laboratory, general health, reproductive health, and family care, the national vaccination program, communicable disease program but sadly during the crisis some of these programs stopped due to the difficulties in working on it after restoring safety and security these programs have resumed at a good level we added new programs like the food sampling, surveying causes of deaths, analyzing the repercussions of the crisis


The services are very good and they’re supporting everyone, they try to provide everything for the patients, they’re very good, the nurses are encouraging us to come for the kidney dialysis, if it wasn’t for their good treatment we wouldn’t come.

The services have returned to its status like before, thanks to God, we were suffering during the crisis (lack of safety), bombings, reaching here was a problem, now thanks to God, it’s safe and the services have returned to its previous status.

End of video transcript.

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