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Damascus: Terrorists injure 8 Syrian Citizens by Mortar Attacks

Damascus: Terrorists injure 8 Syrian citizens by mortar attacks (Source: FNA)

Syria, Damascus: Terrorists fired mortar shells on civilian districts of the capital.

8 Syrian citizens, including a Syrian woman, were injured in mortar attacks by some groups of foreign-backed terrorists against several neighbourhoods of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The terrorists attacked the neighbourhoods of al-Zablatani, al-Qassa, and al-Abbasiyeen with mortar shells and injured at least 8 Syrian civilians, including a woman.

This is already the third or even fourth attack by foreign-supported terrorists with mortar shells against civilian neighbourhoods of the Syrian capital Damascus within 24 hours. Today, the terrorists attacked the districts of al-Abbasiyeen, al-Qassa and al-Zablatani in the Syrian capital of Damascus and injured several Syrian civilians, as mentioned.

According to a source from the Syrian Police Command in the capital Damascus, who made the remarks to the Syrian state news agency SANA, one of the mortar shells, fired by a group of foreign-supported terrorists has slammed into an area near the known stadium in the district of al-Abbasiyeen of Damascus. This mortar shell injured 5 Syrian civilians with wounds of varying severity and caused material damage near the al-Abbasiyeen stadium in the capital, Damascus.

The source from the Police Command in Damascus added to the information about the next attack with mortar shells against civilian districts of the Syrian capital that a Syrian citizen was injured by another mortar shell that slammed into his house in the area of al-Zablatani, also in the capital of Syria.

According to the information of this source, three other mortar shells slammed into the Saad Zaghlol Street, which is located in the neighbourhood of al-Qassaa in the Syrian capital. These mortar shells have injured a Syrian citizen and caused material damages to the cars, which were parked nearby. The next mortar shell hit a civilian house in the Khalid bin al-Walid Street of the al-Qanawat neighbourhood in Damascus and just caused material damage to the house.

Damascus: Terrorists injure 8 Syrian citizens by mortar attacks (Source: FNA)
Damascus: Terrorists injure 8 Syrian citizens by mortar attacks (Source: FNA)

Meanwhile, an official source of the Syrian government in the capital Damascus has rejected the latest reports by the al-Arabiya TV channel about an attack by a group of terrorists against the al-Qadam train station. According to the official Syrian source, the report that was broadcasted by the al-Arabiya TV channel in terms of the attack on the al-Qadam train station is “completely untrue.”

The source said that such reports just belong to the framework of propaganda against Syria and also to the framework of the fabricated news that are broadcasted by such TV channels, which contribute to the bloodshed and violence on Syrian soil by their support and propaganda for the foreign-backed terrorist groups as well as for the al-Qaeda-linked jihadists in Syria.

Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera are two examples of such TV channels which regularly contribute to the bloodshed in Syria, while both maintain a framework of false reports, propaganda and lies in order to serve the interests of their regimes in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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