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criminal scenes divulge obnoxious truth of terrorists in joubar

Mar 18, 2013

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE,(SANA)- Grenades and explosive devices whose weight exceeds 30 kg were left in the citizens’ houses by terrorists before they were killed at the hands of the Syrian Army in Joubar Neighborhood, Damascus Countryside.
The army was able to restore peace, security and stability to some of the axes of the neighborhood after targeting all the gatherings and hideouts of the terrorists in al-Parlaman roundabout and near the municipality, schools gathering, water tank, police department and the cultural center.

The horrific criminal scenes which the terrorists left behind them before they were killed were enough to divulge their truth and to show the suffering of Joubar citizens as everything in the neighborhood reflect the acts of terrorism and looting perpetrated by the mercenaries.
The terrorists in Joubar forced the citizens to leave their houses through intimidating them to rob their houses and to use them as hideouts for committing criminal acts against the citizens and the army. A filed commander indicated that the terrorists in Joubar included Arab and foreign mercenaries who had practiced all types of brutal acts against the citizens.
Words written by the terrorists on the walls of the neighborhood indicated that they were misled and they don’t know why they are fighting such as the word “Let’s liberate Palestine…We came from Tunisia.”
The criminal acts perpetrated by the terrorists affected the economic and social life of the citizens in Joubar, Citizen Mohammad al-Dahhan said.

“How are we going to live ?…They deprived us of security and they displaced our families,” he added.
“As long as the army is here, we will not leave our houses, and we will defend them in cooperation with the army,” Engineer Gorger Salman said.

Um Ali narrates how the terrorists broke into her house and threatened her and her children to force them to leave their house.
“My husband is abroad…we left our house without taking our basic needs….They are truly criminal thieves,” she said.

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