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Canada Sponsors Terror


Whenever you see someone more vocal against something, it’s most likely they’re trying to cover their role in that something.. Tried to explain it as simple as possible.

Nothing surprises the Syrian people especially when seeing the main sponsors of terror acting as anti-terror coalition, they’ve also seen recently the children killer Netanyahu of Israel march in Charlie Hebdo rally against terror, how low can it be?

Don’t jump to conclusions fast, it can be much lower with the recent reports of the role of the Stephen Harper regime in smuggling terrorists and their houris ‘the virgins suicide bombers need to enthuisise them to commit their atrocities and eventually blow up themselves in the Zionist evil rituals’.

The reports circulated in pro Erdogan media in Turkey points all fingers towards the Canadian Embassy in Amman, Jordan. Surprised? Don’t be, as the Syrians about the role the American Ambassador Robert S. Ford played in arming Alqaeda different factions in Syria against the Syrian state and the Syrian people in 2011 and how he was in charge of the Syrian opposition abroad until recently.


The following report explains more:

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