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Britain gathers Warplanes in Cyprus base near Syria

Air Force F-16 Fighter

Syria: UK increases the number of warplanes in the Cyprus base.

Britain’s Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus, which is near to Syria, could be an important base for a possible airstrike on targets in Syria in case of a military intervention in the Arab nation and that the British government supports the armed terrorists in Syria and is also servant of Washington is nothing new – the situation seems to become more and more a replay of the war against Iraq, including the false propaganda, lies and the implemented pretext for the war in order to get rid of Saddam Hussein, who previously had the support by the West, as usual.

According to several reports, British warplanes and military transporters have been moved to the British Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus and this move of warplanes and military equipment to Cyprus is probably the next sign of the preparation for a military strike against Syria, beside the usual war rhetoric of several Western governments and the reports by warmongers in the Western mass media. That the Israeli regime in Tel Aviv supports and even demands a military strike against Damascus comes as no surprise, of course. That the British government is doing the same as they did in 2003 is also no huge surprise. That the pretext for a war against Syria is again not based on facts and evidence – no surprise. Thats simply how the “Western community of values” is doing such things.

While the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has allegedly said to the Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem on August 22 that the U.S. administration in Washington will not launch a military intervention in Syria, the war rhetoric and the increase of warplanes and warships in the Middle East tell another story.

However, any attack against Syria by foreign forces is a suicide commando. Not because the Syrian air force and defence would be able to counter such an attack for a long time, but such an attack on Syria would have dangerous consequences – not only for the Syrian civilians, but also for the attacking side as well as for the region. Syria is not Iraq and Syria is certainly not like Libya.

Two commercial pilots, who often fly from Larnaca, Cyprus, have stated in a new report by Western media that they have spotted several C-130 transport planes and small formations of possibly fighter jets from Europe. The two pilots allegedly saw the C-130 transport planes from their own aircraft and the possibly European war planes from their radar screens in the aircraft. At least, according to the report by the British Guardian. However, one never knows whether a report by the Guardian is true or not.

Britain’s Akrotiri airbase is less than 160 kilometres (100 miles) away from Syria and thus, this British airbase in Cyprus is probably an important hub for a bombing campaign against targets on Syria soil and the recently updated list of possible targets in Syria also include several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) as lively targets.

Allegedly to protect Syrian civilians, while Washington only wants to support the foreign-backed terrorist groups. However, in case these terrorist groups and the al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadist units take the power in Syria, the secular Arab nation is history and becomes an Islamist state. While one might think that this cannot be the will of the West, some recent examples from other Arab nations tell another story.

The report by the British Guardian also states that locals near the Akrotiri airbase in Cyprus have confirmed that the activity on the airfield of the military base has increased over the past 48 hours.

However, this means nothing in the end as long as the West does not launch a military intervention in Syria because such signs for the preparations of a military airstrike against Syria could also be just signs in order to show readiness while they are hopefully not really interested to launch an attack against Syria.

Further, the current situation could lead to another senseless war in the Middle East, again based on lies and propaganda. It is also questionable whether the Western forces (U.S. military, Britain, NATO) really risk such an open war against Syria. There is still Russia, Iran and even the Egyptian army that has confirmed to defend Syria in case of an attack by foreign forces against the Arab nation just some months ago.

Air Force F-16 Fighter
Air Force F-16 Fighter

At least, there are some defense pacts between Syria and other nations in the region as well as in North Africa and the Egyptian army confirmed that it will stick to the defense pact with Syria in case of an attack against Damascus.

However, if the Egyptian military will really stick to such a defense pact with Syria is questionable in the end, because it does not really matter what the heads of the Egyptian army say. Everybody knows that they are currently supported by Washington and that they have been already supported by Washington for a long time. However, Iran and Russia remain. Further, nobody really knows what China will do in such a case of an attack against Syria.

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  1. Arklight

    What really works well for NATO is the new Rules of Engagement: ‘Shoot anything that moves, bomb anything that doesn’t; you don’t have to clean up your mess, and nobody will go to jail.’

  2. Canthama

    Unfortunately I do not buy that an attack from Nato to Syria is a suicide mission, we have to admit that the SAA has its hands full fighting the terrorists and will be quite hard for them to defend their airspace against airplanes from Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Cyprus, the Syrian air defence system could not prevent Israel to bomb 3 times in their terriroty in 2013, it is a tough call. Having said that Syrian airdefence system could inflict loses to the incoming enemies that could pave the road for peace talks. A wil card would be Russian to ship more air defense missiles ASAP to Syria, but do not see Russia with an appetite for a fight. Hopefully it won’t happen from the begining.


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