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breaking news update feb 8 2013

Our reporter in Homs: 50 armed men, including the Tunisian Hamadi al-Zahrani have been killed by Syrian army in Ghanto

February 8, 2013   12:42 PM

Our correspondent in Homs: 6 Saudi, Libyan and Egyptian armed men, including Yasser al-Sabah have been arrested

February 8, 2013   12:41 PM

Our reporter in Homs : Syrian Army kills the chairman of the armed operations room the Saudi Fahed al-Shamri in al-Qarabis.

February 8, 2013   12:41 PM

Damascus countryside: armed men shell many mortars on Harasta resulting material damages.

February 8, 2013   12:16 PM

Our reporter in Aleppo: Syrian Army’s reinforcements occur in al-Ashrafieh neighborhood as preparing to a military operation against Bani-Zed insurgents.

February 8, 2013   11:33 AM

Damascus: Syrian Army kills 39 insurgents during clashes behind the Pullman Garage.

February 8, 2013   12:54 AM

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