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breaking news in brief march 10 2013

·         Damascus countryside: armed men target a bus carrying children, what resulted in the martyrdom of a child and wounding numerous others in Assad suburb.

·         Deir Ezzor: Syrian Army kills armed men, including Fuad Abed al-Ashari in al-Matar al-Qadim neighborhood

·         Aleppo: an armed group steals the equipment of al-Khmera and al-Shareq belonging to the nourishment material factories.

·         Sana: Israeli missile has been fired in Sina of Egypt claiming no injuries.

·         Damascus: Syrian Army kills insurgents, including Sulaiman Ataya and Khalid al-Hwash during clashes in Jobar.

·         Egyptian Internal minister: if the Egyptian people don’t want the existence of the police men, we will leave our locations.

·         Aleppo: Syrian Army foils an armed attack on al-Ashrafie and kills many armed men.

·         Aleppo: mortar shells have been fired by armed rebels on al-Ashrafie claiming human causalities.

·         The Daily Star Sunday: Britain has sent weapons worth 30 million $ to militants in Syria

·         Edlib: a military operation carried out by Syrian Army takes place in the Western groves of the city, claiming the death of armed men.

·         Edlib: Military operation results in the destruction of 7 gunmen locations


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