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Bolivia will sue Nobelist Obama for crimes against humanity

Obama & AIPAC

Barack Obama: Bolivia plans legal action against US President.

The plans of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales for a legal action against U.S. President Barack Obama, also known as a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, will probably become very interesting, although such legal actions against the Nobelist Obama will certainly lead to no real outcome.

However, it seems that Bolivia’s President Evo Morales means it quite serious with the plans to file legal action against the US President Obama for crimes against humanity and according to the comments and visitors of our out little, there are many people who are convinced that Obama might really be guilty for crimes against humanity. The U.S. administration is guilty for many crimes against humanity. Before Obama, while Obama, and certainly also after Obama.

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, says that the U.S. administration of Barack Obama in Washington pursues intimidation tactics after it denied the entry into US airspace for the Venezuelan presidential jet and that he has to announce that the Bolivian administration is currently preparing a lawsuit against U.S. President Barack Obama in order “to condemn him for crimes against humanity.” Bolivia’s President Evo Morales made this announcement in a press conference in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz on Thursday.

The President of Bolivia explained that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a “criminal” who is willingly and impenitently violating international law.

The President of Bolivia explained that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a “criminal” who is willingly and impenitently violating international law. Evo Morales added that the United States cannot be allowed to further pursue such a policy of “intimidation and blockading presidential flights,” refereeing to the denial of entry for the Venezuelan presidential jet into US airspace.

Bolivia’s President also stated in this press conference in Santa Cruz that his government seriously intends to prepare legal action against the President of the United States and to file a lawsuit against the Nobelist Obama at the International Court.

The Bolivian President Morales urged an emergency meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in order to discuss the actions of the United States, while the government of Venezuela has slammed the recent denial to enter US airspace for its presidential jet on a normal scheduled trip as an “act of intimidation by North American imperialism.”

Obama & AIPAC
Obama & AIPAC

Bolivia’s President even has implied in his speech in Santa Cruz that the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) should recall their Ambassadors from Washington in order to send a strong message to the administration of Barack Obama and to set a sign against such policy.

The reports about the plans of Bolivia for legal action against Barack Obama and to sue him for crimes against humanity say that the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas should boycott the next meeting of the United Nations (UN) at its headquarters in New York in the opinion of the Bolivian President Evo Morales. Among the members of the Alliance for the Americas are Saint Lucia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominica, Cuba, Antigua, Barbuda and Nicaragua.

However, such a lawsuit against U.S. President Obama is an idealistic but hopeless action. At least, beside the typical headlines, it might have the result that some more people start to think about the actions of the United States and the Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama. Further, the crimes against humanity by the United States are already confirmed by many of its acts against international law. However, as mentioned, Obama will certainly not be jailed.

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  1. Arklight

    I think that Bolivia might have better luck with a suit charging that Obama vacated any claim to the presidency of the United States when he accepted presidency of the United Nations, an office of trust or profit under a foreign government, and without the approval of Congress which is required for the acceptance of even symbolic awards of honors or offices. President Morales isn’t going to let this go, and he has increasing support in Latin America, and other countries around the world. The thing is, that if it can adjudicated that Obama is, if fact, a fraud, then he also had no authority to act in the name of the people of the United States and is, thus, personally liable for all criminal acts committed under color of authority, plus financially liable for all damages, costs of military operations, and restitution for deaths and damages caused by his actions under ordered by him under color of authority. This ought to be good.

  2. nabila

    Even though it might rather lead to symbolically outcomes this defenitely is an important step. We, as the pepole of this world should not longer watch the USA doing their crimes agianst humanity such as tortouring, drone terror, breaking international law, backing terrorists who serve their interestes. destroing nations by “Regime Change”, using chemical wappons in Irak and may be more places etc. More representatives of other countries have to point at theses crimes and condem than openly to create a climate of more awareness in this world. Untill now there ist still a slaverish mentality among many counties, especial the european ones. This mentalitiy has to be changed. Therefore the legal actions are the first steps in the right direction. Bravo Morales!!!!

    • Arklight

      Countries all about are doing ‘little’ things that consume time and resources of the US and its lick spittle pals. Bolivia does this, Venezuela does that, Ecuador does something else, Panama and Columbia put together their own free trade deal and tell Obama to take a long walk off a short pier – – it all adds up. None of these countries can eat the US alive, but together they can nibble it to death. We have it coming, unfortunately.


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