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belgian sources nearly 70 belgian nationals fighting with terrorists in syria

Mar 11, 2013

BRUSSLES, (SANA)_Belgian security sources said that around 70 Belgian nationals are fighting alongside the armed terrorist groups in Syria.
La Libre Belgique daily quoted the sources as saying that the Belgian fighters in Syria are not working within the militias of the so-called ‘Free army’, but fighting alongside other extremist salafi groups.

The sources indicated that the Belgian fighters belong to the so-called ‘Sharia for Belgium’ extremist cell that was dismantled recently, according to investigations on the terrorist activities conducted by the Belgian government last year.

The investigations revealed that the cell recruited young men and sent them to join fighting in various parts of the world, including Yemen, Chechnya and Syria.
The daily reported that the security officials in Belgium are worried that the fighters might return home after gaining combat experience, and that they might spread extremist views or engage in terrorist acts inside Belgium or in other European countries.

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