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austria germany warn against dangers of britains call for arming syrian opposition

Mar 14, 2013

Vienna, Berlin, (SANA) -Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Spindelegger warned of the British Government’s call for arming the Syrian opposition, saying “this goes beyond the EU agreements.”

“The British approach to arm the Syrian opposition or train gunmen in Jordan or any neighboring country to Syria could lead to a rapid Britain’s going past to violate the EU agreements,” Spindelegger said in a statement published on the Ministry’s website, adding that the European agreement has approved an extra 3-month ban of weapons.

“It is impossible to evaluate the situations in Syria completely as this increases difficulty.. we can’t say that the opposition is the good side and the regime is the bad one.” He added.

In a relevant context, The Minister said that the future of the Austrian unit which works in the frame of the UN Disengagement Observer Force in Golan (UNDOF) is related to the stability of security situation there.

“Austria closely observes the development of situation there, it is ready to take a decision on the fate of the presence of its forces at a suitable time,” he added.

German Foreign Minister Warns against break out of Broad fire
Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle also warned against the dangers of braking out “a broad fire” in the region if weapons were imported to the Syrian opposition, calling for supporting “Doha Coalition” with “a responsible way.”

In a statement to German Weser-Kurier Newspaper published today, Westerwelle said “We should not let feelings to lead us,” adding “what we are interested in is that the Syrian national coalition receives support through a responsible way.. of course, discussions at the EU are continuing in light of the development of situation.”

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