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Army Units Continue to Eliminate Terrorists in Several Provinces, Destroy their Equipment

Feb 21, 2013

GOVERNORATES, (SANA)-Units of the armed forces on Thursday carried out a number of qualitative operations at the crossroad of Amouda Town and al-Jamilia Town in Jisr al-Shughour Countryside. A number of the terrorists who were committing acts of looting and highway robbery were either killed or injured during the operations. SANA reported quoted a source in the province as saying that units of the armed forces also smashed a den used by the terrorists for planning their operations in al-Janoudia Town as all the terrorists were eliminated and their equipment was destroyed.

Army Units Pursue Terrorists in Some Provinces, Destroy Their Dens and Equipment

In the framework of pursuing terrorists, a unit of the armed forces on Wednesday carried out a number of qualitative operations against their dens in several areas in Damascus Countryside, Idleb and Deir Ezzor as it destroyed their cars and the tools used in their criminal acts. A military source told SANA that a field hospital of the terrorist group was also destroyed along with a number of machinegun-equipped cars in Moadamieh, in addition to eliminating a number of the terrorists in Harasta and Adraa in Damascus Countryside . The source added that a unit of the armed forces hunted a terrorist group in al-Zabadani area as they were either killed or injured among the killed terrorists Ali Mohammad al-Laham, Muhieddin Khalid and Ibrahim Burhan. A den of a terrorist group was also targeted in Ariha in Idleb as all the terrorists inside it were killed including Basim Najura and another terrorist called “al-Masda”, in addition to eliminating all the members of a terrorist group to the east of Sarmin. The armed forces also destroyed a vehicle equipped with a heavy machinegun and a big store of ammunition and weapons containing two trucks loaded with ammunition and various rockets in al-Sarja Town in Idleb Countryside. The military source indicated that units of the armed forces confronted a terrorist group which had tried to attack military points in Marat area and the Sheep Market in Deir Ezzor as a number of the terrorists were killed and others were injured and RPG launchers were confiscated while five cars were destroyed and the terrorists were eliminated.In the same context, a unit of the armed forces continued to pursue the armed terrorist groups in Qubaitat, Abu al-Huda, Hasrayia, Kafar Nabouda, al-Wardan, al-Amyia, al-Arbain, al-Qaramita, Tal Mileh and Tal al-Hawash in Hama Countryside as scores of the terrorists were killed or injured.

Infiltration Attempts Foiled, Attacks on Border Guards Repelled in Talkalakh

Units of the Armed Forces together with the border guards last night repelled terrorist groups that attempted to cross the border from Lebanon into Syria in the countryside of Talkalah in Homs. SANA reporter quoted a source in the province as saying that terrorist groups tried to infiltrate at the sites of al-Majbel, Harmoush, al-Armouteh and Shahira in Talkalakh.  In parallel, the terrorist groups attacked the border guard stations in the aforementioned areas using missile shells and machineguns, the source added. It stressed that the army units and the border guard forces repelled the infiltration attempts and the attack, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorist groups. The source noted that ambulances were seen heading towards the area on the Lebanese side to withdraw the killed and injured terrorists.

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