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army foils terrorist infiltration attempt from lebanon

A unit of the armed forces and the border guards foiled Sunday terrorists ‘ infiltration attempt from Lebanon in Talkalakh countryside in Homs countryside.

An official source stated that the terrorists tried to infiltrate in force from Adlin and Azir sites at the Syrian-Lebanese borders, using cars and motorcycles, before the army repelled them , forcing them to retreat into the Lebanese territories.

The source added that a unit of the armed forces destroyed a car equipped with heavy machine gun along with the terrorists inside it near al-Awja roundabout at the southern entrance of al-Hosn town in Talkalakh countryside.

In Talbiseh, an army unit killed and injured terrorists near the bus station. The terrorists Abdul-Aziz Mahmoud and Mohammad Yousef were identified among the dead.

A military source told stated that a terrorists’ den with the terrorists, weapons and ammos inside was destroyed, in addition to a number of cars equipped with heavy machine guns in Derfoul village in al-Rastan countryside.

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