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Al-Qaeda FSA Terrorists on the Ground Threaten Moath al-Khatib

Coming from way back in history, a Libyan terrorist known as Abu Hafs Libi (Libyan Abu Hafs) who leads a group of Al Qaeda Free (from) Syrian Army terrorists in a remote town in Aleppo countryside, appeared in a mosque addressing his audience in what looks like a sermon attacking Al Qaeda Levant (Jabhat Al Nusra) political leader abroad Moath Al Khatib for offering dialogue with the Syrian state, criticizing doesn’t look fit in the scene.
Abu Hafs Libi waving with his sword to cut the heads of the infidels
& who accept to negotiate with them from the Syrian oppositions
It is known that these apes whom are sold by the western mainstream media to their people as ‘freedom fighters’, know only one language: Terror, and the worst types of it, from detonating car bombs, to kidnapping, beheading, slitting throats, dismembering, raping for men, women and children and torturing, and such cavemen cannot be reasoned with after years of intensive training by the CIA and its franchises to dislodge them from modern human being and send them back in time to be able to manipulate them and use them as killing machines, or call them mercenaries.
We promise to get the full wording translated once we can get a Libyan or someone who understands the accent, as it’s a bit difficult for us Syrians to understand the full text of what he said but some of the words picked are like: ‘How could you negotiate with a regime while Sunnah ladies are killed?’, and ‘May your mother cry over your dead body’! addressing the Qatari Coalition of Syrian Opposition abroad..
How would the west justify the use of any political opposition lead by its own creation the Qatari based Coalition or the Turkey based SNC when they do not have any leverage on the ground over such rodents, or even if they do have any influence over such primitives?!
How to identify a terrorist?!

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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