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Al Alam Airs Exclusive Footage of Syrian Army Operations


Al Alam News Channel airs exclusive images of Syrian army operations near Turkish border.

Al Alam News Channel airs exclusive images of Syrian army operations near Turkish border.
Syrian army has cleared the mountainous regions in the countryside of “Latakia” province, near the Turkish border, of armed terror groups, taking control of Bayt Aleppo, Shaqra, and Al-Hatab Tower regions.
“Hossein Morteza”, Al Alam News Channel’s correspondent in Syria who accompanied army forces in this operation, emphasized in a report on Thursday that “in this operation, Syrian army cut the communication routes of armed groups, and now it is advancing to clear the other regions”.
According to this report, the mountainous region of Latakia, which stretches to the Turkish borders from 40 kilometers away, is completely rocky and consists of mountains, forests, and impassable spots.
Turkey has opened its roads to armed terror groups to penetrate Syria through this region. Having penetrated into the region, terrorists have taken advantage of its impassible geographical nature to take cover and they have tried to occupy these regions to dominate Syrian coasts.
“Cleansing these mountainous regions of armed forces has been put on the agenda of Syrian army forces” added Hossein Morteza.
Syrian army forces completely cleared Latakia countryside of these elements but a number of armed terrorists are still trying to take the region under their own control.
Armed terror gangs set a vast area of forests in fire in order to prevent the progress of Syrian army, limit the view of army forces, and obscure observation of field developments in the region.
Hossein Morteza climbed the strategic hills along with army forces and reached the nearest point to Syrian-Turkish borders. A Syrian officer explained to the Al Alam correspondent that this heel is located 12-kilometers away from the border of Syria and Turkey, and it is completely cleared of armed terror gangs.
Al Alam correspondent then accompanied the army forces to Al-Maydan village, where no armed terror gangs could be seen. A Syrian army soldier also said that “Al-Hosseini” region has been cleared of armed terrorists, who had been located in this valley. Al Alam correspondent stressed that the Syrian army is still progressing to clear other regions from armed terror gangs.

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