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airports war costs free army 500 deaths

Both of al-Arabia and al-Jazeera channels have not stop of broadcasting faking news about some achievements carried out by members of al-Tawheed brigade ad al-Nusra Front and the Northern Storm brigade.

Military sources say to Breaking News Network that “clashes fire out around the airport of Ming, Kweris and al-Nerab, what resulted in the destruction of large number of armed cars that are provided by heavy and middle weapons and the death of more than 500 gunmen during the last couple days.

The military source in a statement reported by Breaking News Network correspondent n Aleppo denies the rumors that talk about armed men control over both of Aleppo International airport and al-Nerab airport and assures that there are still clashes happening far of the airports about 3 KM.

An Electronic pages, which is linked to Free Army militia have broadcasted videotape shows how they target these airports from far destines by missiles, as they have published videos talk about the preparing for “Airports Wars”.
 “Syrian Islamic Front” has stated a depicted statement, was published on You Tube stressing its claims about launching a war to liberate “Aleppo International Airport”

Forces of Syrian Army infantry continue its military operations that have been initiated since few days in al-Sfera city of Aleppo achieving great advances and killing many insurgents of al-Nusra Front and al-Farouk battalions, including the leader Zakaraia al-Homi

Forces of Syrian Army have enabled to unblock the besiege that was imposed on al-Waha city,
which contains strategic points, including the Defense Factories and the centers for Scientific researches
Forces of Syrian Arab Army are working on opening the Eastern road to unblock the besiege of Aleppo city
Syrian Air forces have concentrated its operation on other villages, where there are fighters of Free Army militia destroying the equipment that they are using.

Fighters of al-Jihad: forgive us we will leave you
In Aleppo city, the reporter of Breaking News Network quotes of civilian sources in al-Salheen neighborhood  as saying that “Some strict Islamic fighters of Arabian nationalities that is linked to al-Qaeda have distributed bread ties written on them “forgive us we will leave you” as a massage from them to leave the city, while Tunisian press reports that more than 3,000 fighters will leave Syria and head toward Mali.

Members of Syrian Arab Army have carried out separated operation on the axis of Bustan al-Qaser and al-Kalase causing the militants material and human causalities and have confronted and killed an armed attack triggered by insurgents coming from Bani Zed.

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