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A Record of 22 New COVID-19 Positive Cases in One Day in Syria

Coronavirus COVID 19 cases in Syria stats - Syria News

The Syrian Ministry of Health said it recorded 22 new cases today tested positive with COVID-19 raising the total number of positive cases recorded until this date to 439.

The ministry added that two cases died while having the virus, which makes the total deaths as of today 21, while 138 cases have been completely cured.

So far, the number of cases of positive COVID-19 in Syria is relatively low compared with the data worldwide and especially the neighboring countries, this comes in spite of the reopening of most of the businesses and thanks largely to the strict preventive measures taken at the beginning of the outbreak of what the world called as the pandemic.

The Syrian healthcare system is already overwhelmed with years of systematic targeting blowing up hospitals, looting medical equipment, assassinating doctors and medics, and even using ambulances to transfer terrorists and weapons, in some cases turning the ambulances into suicide bombs like when the terrorists drove a booby-trapped ambulance into the National Hospital in Jableh and blowing up the building completely killing all medical and admin staff and all the patients.

All of this topped with the unprecedented crippling sanctions imposed by the US and its European cronies claiming to help the Syrian people by preventing their access to medicine and medical equipment by continuing to block any banking transactions with the country.

Anybody thinks the western governments, namely NATO member states, have any consideration to humanity think again, we challenge you to find a way to send an MRI device to Syria, the Syrian people are in dire need of many devices, this is just an example.

NATO member states turned the United Nations Security Council into a circus over the past month with their representatives jumping and screaming over Russia and China’s refusal to extend the lifeline for Al-Qaeda in Syria for an additional year and adding more corridors, they were claiming these lifelines help deliver humanitarian aid to 2.8 million Syrians living in the last stronghold of Al-Qaeda in Idlib province, what about the 18 million other Syrians living all over the country? They don’t deserve those a similar circus from those same ‘diplomats’?

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