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72 Hours Ultimatum to Terrorists in Al Sanamin to Surrender their Weapons

Weapons surrendered to the authorities 25 Jan 2016 Al-Sanamin Daraa Syria

Terrorists in the Al Sanamin city in Daraa province were given a 72 ultimatum by the law enforcement authorities to hand over their weapons and join a reconciliation.

The ultimatum was given yesterday 30 June 2021, it was announced through the local municipal officials and through the speakers of the mosques. Al Sanamin was used by the Al Qaeda terrorists smuggled from Jordan to wage attacks against the civilians in the southern province of Daraa and southern Damascus countryside.

This is the third ultimatum given to the terrorists in the city, the previous two were not completely executed due to requests by the Russian military police who oversaw the two previous reconciliations after the city was liberated in July 2018, and in March 2020, the reconciliations included handing over the medium and heavy weapons in possession of the terrorists who would return to their normal lives within six months, which was not fulfilled and instead, the terrorists, in both times, carried out series of assassinations and attacks against the civilians and public officials.

If by Sunday morning the terrorists do comply and hand over the weapons they still have, they will be given an option to return to their normal lives or get shipped to areas in the northern Idlib and Aleppo countryside in the safe haven provided by the Turkish regime of Erdogan, if they do not comply, the law enforcement agencies would have no other option but to arrest all the terrorists and try them duly, capital punishment is very much applicable in Syria, especially for such cases.

The southern provinces of Daraa and Sweida suffer much of the terrorism due to the open borders with Jordan and the US illegal military base in At Tanf. The Syrian army and its allies are slowly cleaning the area from the US proxies and soon enough the US troops will have to leave when they run out of cannon fodder terrorists.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    It’s long overdue to end the terror coming from the southern region especially through these terrorists connected to the US forces illegally occupying At Tanf and holding the Syrian families hostages in the Rukban refugees camp.


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