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typhoon soulik nearly 300 dead missing china

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About 300 people have been confirmed to be dead or missing after the Typhoon Soulik hit China and more than half a million Chinese people fled from their homes after the strong winds and heavy rain increased due to the appearance of the Typhoon Soulik.

The Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs has published a new statement in terms of the Typhoon Soulik and the sad and horrible results after this typhoon has hit China. The statement by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in China says that the typhoon has caused flooding and landslides across some regions of south-eastern China.

The National Meteorological Center of the Chinese authorities said in a statement that the Typhoon Soulik caused winds of nearly 120 kilometres per hour and that the storm made landfall with very heavy rains. The horrible Typhoon Soulik has first hit the coastal Chinese Province of Fujian on Sunday after the typhoon crossed Taiwan a day earlier. In Taiwan, at least two people were killed.

According to the Chinese emergency services, the seventh typhoon that has hit China`s mainland already in this year, forced over 500,000 people out of their homes and as stated, they had to flee their homes, while it is not yet exactly known how many people are really dead or “only” missing. One can just hope the best for China and the Chinese people in the regions that were affected by the typhoon and its sad results.

Of course, all train services and flights have been cancelled in the south-eastern regions of China that were affected by the typhoon. It is reported that thousands of people in the affected regions of China are still bracing for more torrential downpours and there are warnings about new floods and landslides in some areas.

The Chinese authorities have deployed thousands of soldiers from the Chinese military for upcoming relief operations.

Our best wishes, and with our hearts, we do hope the best for all the people in the affected areas in China.

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