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terrorist admits to planting explosive device benefiting from his disability

Mar 15, 2013

DAMASCUS, (SANA)- Terrorist Hussein Marwan al-Zu’bi, who got arrested by the authorities, admitted to planting an explosive device near the bus station in al-Sumariyah area in Damascus Countryside which was remotely detonated on Wednesday.

In his confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV, the 26 year old al-Zu’bi from Daraa said he was chosen by a terrorist group to plant the explosive device because he was disabled, which would better enable him to carry out the mission without arousing any suspicion.

He related the details of how terrorist Mohammad al-Ahmad from a so-called ‘Lovers of Sayyeda Aisha Battalion’ brought him a 3-4 kg explosive device, which he put in a bag, carried it onboard a bus and headed to the bus station in aal-Sumariyah.

“When I came near a parked Saba car, I put the explosive device on the ground and pushed it underneath the car,” said al-Zu’bi, who is living in al-Hajar al-Aswad area in Damascus Countryside.

He noted that once he left the area terrorist Firas al-Rahhal from another ‘battalion’ remotely detonated the explosive device.

Terrorist al-Zu’bi pointed out in his confessions that, being a person with special needs, he received many privileges from the State, including an exception to be admitted to Law Faculty despite his low average and another exception for a fixed job at the Ministry of Communications.

He also received other privileges of customs fees exemption on any car he could buy and visa fees reduction.

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