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Syrian Opposition Figure Faces Accusations of Money Laundering in France

laundering money

A Syrian opposition figure faces allegations in France for money laundering, money that was earned through smuggling Syrian artifacts.

The accounts of Mohamad Azzet Khattab were frozen by an order of the French Justice after they received reports that his accounts have increased greatly in a very short period. After further inspection, the authorities discovered that he’s involved in Syrian artifacts smuggling, through Lebanon and Turkey.

Khattab is originally from AlShaghour – Damascus. He works in the oil sector, or so he likes to introduce himself. He was one of the first to offer to fund the Syrian National Council.

Khattab told AlArabiya early last year that he founded a party “Syria for All” which actually didn’t happen. Some suspect that he’s part of the Syrian National Coalition.

Mohamad is a fine specimen of Syrian Opposition; most of them are even shadier and all willing to sell Syria, its people and history for bigger bank accounts and for power.

Source: Syria Truth

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