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Syria: Terrorists Fire Mortar Shells on Bab Tuma

Terrorists shoot Mortar Shells on Bab Tuma (Source: FNA)

Terrorists in Syria shoot mortar shells at Christians’ area in Damascus.

The foreign-backed terrorist groups near the capital of Syria have launched several mortar attacks on a residential area of Damascus that is mainly populated by Syrian Christians and against the Russian embassy. The mortar attacks by the armed terrorist groups against the Christians in an area of Damascus and on the embassy of Russia happened today morning.

It is reported that the armed terrorist groups attacked the famous Christian district of Bab Touma (Bab Tuma / Arabic: باب توما) in Syria`s capital Damascus with mortar shells today. Several Syrian civilians were killed and many more injured due to the mortar attack by the US-backed terrorist groups against the Christian-populated district and Russia’s embassy. The death toll is not yet exactly known.

While a group of terrorists attacked the Christian-populated and famous district Bab Tuma (Arabic: باب توما) in the capital of Syria and killed several Syrian civilians, other armed terrorists fired several mortar shells on the Russian Embassy in Damascus.

The last updates on the terrorist attacks by the foreign-backed groups of extremists and criminals on Bab Tuma (Bab Touma) and against the Russian Embassy in Damascus say that two Syrian civilians were injured in the attack with mortar shells against the Embassy of Russia.

According to a source of the Russian Embassy, two people were slightly injured when a mortar shell hit the embassy building. The source added that the mortar attack by the armed terrorist forces could have been “an accident.”

However, the mortar attack on the mainly Christian-populated district of Bab Tuma (Bab Touma / Arabic: باب توما) was no accident and has killed several civilians. One can just hope that his friends and contacts in Bab Touma (Bab Tuma) are OK and alive…

While is there not yet much information about the results of the mortar attacks by the terrorists against the Christian-populated district of Bab Touma, there is already more information about the mortar shell(s) that have hit the Russian Embassy in Damascus.

Terrorists shoot Mortar Shells on Bab Tuma (Source: FNA)
Terrorists shoot Mortar Shells on Bab Tuma (Source: FNA)

The above mentioned source from the embassy said further that two people were hurt by stones at the blast scene when the mortar shell hit the building of the embassy. Another source said to the Russian agency of RIA Novosti that the mortar shell that has hit the Russian Embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus had “left a 1-meter diameter hole.”

The two victims are already receiving medical assistance in a nearby hospital and the Russian Embassy has continued to operate as normal. Russian style.

As mentioned, there is currently no more information available about the possible sad outcome of the mortar attacks on Bab Tuma (Bab Touma) by terrorists from today.

It was only reported that several Syrian civilians were killed and further were injured in the mortar attack by a group of foreign-sponsored terrorists against this famous and well-known Christian area in Damascus. Not to mention the historic value of the old city and Bab Touma (Bab Tuma / (Arabic: باب توما) in general.

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  1. AH

    It puzzles me how little focused strategy the FSA thugs are able to put together despite the support of the world’s greatest (Assad’s words) nation, the US. Well, ok, destroying whatever comes across as an “enemy”, no matter who, why and what for, is a strategy in itself, I guess. Yes, just as the US president once said: “Who’s not for us, is against us”
    Great strategy that you have adopted there, you thugs!


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