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Syria Officially Refutes the Second Lie by Erdogan’s Regime in 48 Hours

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Damascus, Syria

Syria has officially refuted two of the lies in regards to direct communication and negotiations between the two countries emitted by officials of the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan in just 48 hours.

An official source in the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates said today: Commenting on the statements of the Turkish Foreign Minister about the existence of direct negotiations with Syria on security issues and combating terrorism, the Syrian Arab Republic categorically denies the existence of any kind of communication and negotiations with the Turkish regime, especially in the field of combating terrorism.

This comes one day after a Syrian official refuted another fake news about an upcoming meeting between the Director of Syria’s National Security Major General Ali Mamlouk and his Turkish counterpart which was said to take place in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The news of the upcoming meeting was stated by a retired general who served as the head of the Turkish military ‘intelligence’ published in the ‘Turkey Gazitise’ newspaper, though we, at Syria News, did mention in our related report that what this general was saying would be wishful thinking on behalf of the Turkish madman Erdogan since the general is not jailed like his peers at the hands of Erdogan, it remains less serious than the latest allegations of the representative of the Turkish regime, the minister of foreign affairs.

The Syrian official source went ahead in today’s statement and reminded that the Turkish regime is the root of terrorism, the statement published by the Syrian news agency SANA added: ‘It has become known far and wide that the ruling regime in Ankara is the main supporter of terrorism and has made Turkey a reservoir for extremism and terrorism that poses a threat to peace and stability in the region and the world and flagrantly violates international legitimacy resolutions on combating terrorism.’

A Syrian activist commented on the statements of the Turkish minister of foreign affairs:

The volume of the contradictions and hypocrisy in the statements of the Turkish foreign minister are mindblowing:
– Americans must know that they are in #Syria without an invitation from it and they do not have shared borders…
(as if the presence of the Turkish forces -in Syria’ is legitimate and with the invitation of the Syrian state! [sic])

Obviously, and as we mentioned in our earlier report, there’s no sign for any near future communications between the Syrian leadership and the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, not at least the latter takes some serious steps in fixing the horrible mistakes and repenting the unforgivable crimes he and his regime committed over the past 10.5 years against the Syrian people.

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  1. Ron Chandler


  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Erdogan is the biggest hypocrite every, hypocrites are habitual liars and he mastered this in his Muslim Brotherhood cult, every time they say something expect they are doing the opposite.

  3. James Graham

    Thanks pal. That’s what comes of drinking too much camel pee, the Turks’ national tipple. They say it’s a powerful aphrodisiac. So much so sheep fetch a special high price in Turkey as they are much sought after. No doubt Erdogan has a whole flock all to himself.


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