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syria armed forces kill terrorists in damascus countryside and homs confiscate weapons in daraa

Armed Forces Kill Terrorists in Damascus Countryside and Homs, Confiscate Weapons in Daraa
Jan 06, 2013

PROVINCES,(SANA)- Units of the Armed Forces on Sunday carried on pursing terrorist groups in Daraya ,Al-Nabek and Douma in Damascus countryside.
An official source told SANA reporter that a unit of the Armed Forces killed a number of terrorists near Al-Shareiah school in Daraya. Terrorists Odai al-Ward, Ahed Radwan ,Moutez Mansour, Khaled al-khateeb, Omar Madwa, Tareq al-Dabbas, and Muhammed Tabow were identified among the killed.
While units of Engineering Forces dismantled an explosive device weighs 30 k.g which the terrorists were planting in the surrounding of Rowad Alsaada in Al-kournish arena in Daraya.
The source added that armed forces inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in Douma. Nouman Abdulaziz, Ahmed al-Ajwah and Muhammed al-Hammouri were identified among the dead terrorists.
Meanwhile, a unit of Armed Forces clashed with a terrorist group in eastern farms in Al-Nabek, killing a number of its member and wounding others, in addition, it confiscated RPG launchers, machineguns and weapons.
Army units also carried out operations in the towns of Kafer Batna, al-Mleiha and Sha’aba, inflicting heavy losses upon terrorists and destroying terrorist hideouts along with the weapons and munitions in them.
Terrorists were injured in these operations and others were killed, including Radwan Hteitati, Mohammad Shaghouri, and Mohammad Saadat.
Army units continued pursuing terrorists in the towns of Aqraba, Hjeira, al-Ziyabiye and Yelda, killing and injuring a number of them and dealing deadly blows to their gatherings and hideouts.
Among the terrorists killed in these towns was Saeed al-Akari, Hassan Khalifa, Abdelrahman Hakima, Jalal al-Rahwan, Ahmad al-Sawwah, and Abdullah al-Dfeir.
Armed Terrorist Groups Attack Tishreen Oil Well in al-Hasaka and Loot its Equipment
Armed terrorist groups today attacked Tishreen Oil well in al-Hasaka and looted its equipment.
A source at the Ministry of Petroleum told SANA that the armed groups sabotaged and looted the equipment of the field, the vehicles, the contents of the offices as well as the workers’ houses.
Armed Forces Pursue, Eliminate terrorists in Homs Countryside
The Armed Forces continued pursuing the armed terrorist groups in the town of Tasneen in Homs countryside, killing and injuring scores of the terrorists.
An official source told SANA reporter that the army also dismantled 7 explosive devices in the town, adding that some of the locals, who were forced by terrorists to leave the town, are returning back to their houses.
Sniper and Assault Rifles Confiscated, Terrorists Eliminated in Daraa Countryside
An Armed Forces unit confiscated weapons and munitions from a terrorists who were in a car in the town of Nawa in Daraa countryside, killing or injuring the terrorists.
The confiscated weapons include sniper rifles, assault rifles, ammo, and detonators and wires for explosive devices, in addition to fake license plates. Among the dead terrorists were Alaeddin Atef and Ayman al-Zoubani.
Another unit clashed with terrorists in Bosr al-Hariri in Daraa, eliminating terrorists Wafi Qassem al-Mhawesh and Mohmaddad Murei al-Alian.
A third unit confronted a terrorist group that attempted to attack Bosra al-Cham citadel, killing a number of them including Fayssal al-Khalil and Jabr al-Ibrahim, and injuring Ali al-Masri.
Members of a terrorist group were killed while they were planting a landmine on the road between al-Hara and Zamrin in Daraa countryside. One of the dead terrorists was identified as Mohammad Mute’b al-Alloush.

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