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real news from syria twenty seven palestinians martyred tens wounded on eighth day of israeli aggression on gaza ceasefire announced

Twenty-Seven Palestinians Martyred, Tens Wounded on Eighth Day of Israeli Aggression on Gaza, Ceasefire Announced

Nov 21, 2012

GAZA/CAIRO, (SANA) – 27 Palestinians, including children, were killed in a series of Israeli air raids on the eighth consecutive day of the Israeli ferocious aggression on Gaza, raising the death toll to around 155 martyrs and more than 1100 wounded.
The Israeli planes carried out 23 raids that targeted the tunnels area in Rafah, causing a huge fire to erupt in the area.
The Israeli occupation army admitted to waging around 1500 air raids raids since the beginning of its agression on Gaza Strip.
The Israeli warplanes committed a massacre against a Palestinian family as they raided their house in Ahmad Yasin Street in al-Saftawi area, south of Gaza, killing three and wounding several.


In response to the Israeli occupation crimes, the Palestinian resistance bombed a number of Israeli settlements and sites, in addition to targeting a bus in Tel Aviv which caused the death of two Israelis and the injury of a number of settlers.
The Israeli media outlets acknowledged that 23 Israelis were admitted to hospitals due to rockets fired by the Palestinian Resistance.


The number of Israelis who were killed since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza reached 19, including 10 soldiers, and 653 wounded.
In the framework of escalating their aggressive practices against the Palestinians, the Israeli occupation authorities closed Karam Abu Salem commercial crossing to prevent conveying goods and humanitarian aid to Gaza on the eighth day in a raw.


Adnan Abu Hasna, media adviser for the United Nations Relief Works Agency (UNRWA), warned of such step, adding that 20 UNRWA facilities were damaged by the Israeli aggression on Gaza.
Ceasefire Between Israeli Occupation and Gaza Strip Announced
Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammad Kamel Amr announced that a ceasefire agreement  was reached between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian, effective as of 9 PM on Wednesday. This ceasefire was preceded by a series of intense Israeli raids on several areas in the sector, with at least two martyrs falling victim to raids in the final minutes of the agression.
In a joint press conference with US State Secretary Hillary Clinton, Amr said that extensive calls by the Egyptian government with the Israeli and Palestinian sides and international sides resulted in the ceasefire agreement.
The ceasefire agreements stipulated for the occupation forces to these all aggressive actions against Gaza from land, sea and air, while the Palestinian factions will cease operations against Israeli sites.
The agreement also calls for opening crossing points, facilitating movement of Palestinians and goods, not restricting locals movements nor targeting them in border areas, with all this to be carried out after 24 hours from when the agreement comes into effect. 

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