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Three Mortar Shells Fell Down in al-Mezzah, No Causalities Reported

Three Mortar Shells Fell Down in al-Mezzah, No Causalities Reported

Nov 22, 2012
DAMASCUS, SANA_ Terrorists on Thursday targeted with three mortar shells Mezzah district in Damascus, causing the injury of an elderly woman, in addition to material damages of a residential flat and a school.
An official source told SANA reporter that one of the shells fell down on Abdul-Rahman al-Safarjalani School for the elementary education causing no causalities.
The source added that another mortar shell fell down in a residential building near al-Akram Mosque on MezzaHighway, causing an injury of a woman, in addition to huge material losses as a result of a fire outbreak in the house.
A residential house in the Eastern Villas of Mezzah was also hit by a mortar shell, leaving material damages, according to the source.
Minister of Education, Hazwan al-Wazz, called the teaching staff of the school during a field visit to the place of the attack to reassure of students and their families.
The Minister pointed out that the terrorist acts aim at destabilizing the security of the citizens and terrifying them to prevent them from sending their children to schools, stressing that the criminal acts will not refrain those who are in charge with the education process to continue their fulfillment of their duties to maintain the progress of the education process in all provinces.

Terrorists Detonate Explosive Device in Masaken Barzeh, Damascus, No Casualties
Terrorists on Thursday detonated an explosive device near hall of the general consumer organization in Masaken Barzeh neighborhood, Damascus.No casualties were reported.
The driver of the car in which the explosive devices was planted by the terrorists, was seriously injured.


According the SANA reporter, the explosion caused material damage to the building of the consumer organization and the cars parking in the place.

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