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Medieval Saudi Arabia Regime Copied in Rural Aleppo Countryside Fanatic Islamist Emirate

Reviving the Islamic Caliphate state, reviving the Ottoman Islamic state, establishing cantons of small fanatic Taliban or Saudi Arabia medieval radical Islamist non-Islamic emirates (states led by princes), all of that is being envisioned for Syria after dividing it to so many uncontrollable competing states under the guise of democratizing or let’s say Balkanizing the last secular country in the region.
In a rural town in the countryside of Aleppo and under the sponsorship of daydreamer Caliph Turkish PM Erdogan and his fanatic Islamist Muslim Brotherhood government, an Islamist emirate was established ruled by a coalition of so-called Military Council & Revolution Transitional Council in the area, turning public buildings into torture houses under the name of Religious Police:
Syrian Revolution Security – Religious Police Building – Aleppo Countryside
Just like the very much hated Religious Police in the kingdom of Al Saud in Arabia. Something that Syrians and the free people in the world definitely won’t like to see.And the first decision is to prevent women from driving cars:
Fanatic religious order to prevent women from driving cars in Aleppo Countryside
Al Qaeda Levant aka FSA storm rural border towns in herds of hundreds of fighters from all around the globe smuggled by the Turkish Army and claims control terrorizing locals whom didn’t flee and awaits the Syrian Army to get there and liberate the town from their filth as they think getting killed in such battles would earn them 72 male virgins to mate with.
– The above information was posted by real Syrian activists from Syria and around the world, not by western intelligent post office dubbed activists.
– Each piece of news is the responsibility of the person posting it.
– Analysis & articles are the opinions of the persons posting it.
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